6 Films to Watch at the Cinema This Week



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We’re into week 3 of my 5 recommendations to track down at your nearest cinema. With many new releases now pushed back into 2021, cinemas and film distributors have decided to bring back some of our favourite classics to enjoy on the big screen again, or for the first time.

Let’s take a look.

The Empire Strikes Back (40th Anniversary)

Arguably the best Star Wars movie of them all, ‘Empire’ embodies everything you could possibly want from a space drama. Tensions are high, emotions are spilling over and it continues the story so incredible well set up in A New Hope. Plus, seeing *that* moment on the big screen is definitely something I’d enjoy. Come on, you know the one I’m talking about. And what better reason to go see it than to celebrate that it’s the 40th anniversary? Empire Strikes Back is showing in selected cinemas across the UK.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dumped from cinemas just before COVID-19 sent us into premature hibernation, Sonic is actually a better film than it had any right to be, especially after the dreadful first trailer that took the film’s designers back to the drawing board. Sure it’s cheesy, but Jim Carrey brings back his 90s-esque hilarity that made us fall in love with him all those years ago. Sonic is showing in a few selected cinemas across the UK this week, so if you can track him down, it’s well worth a watch.


Trolls World Tour

For fans of the Trolls franchise, this is a must watch. For everyone else, it’s probably one you can pass. Perfect for a family trip to the cinema before the kids go back to school, it’s filled with bright colours and exciting adventures – think The Smurfs but hit with a paint gun.

The World’s End

The final part of the Cornetto trilogy of films by Edgar Wright, The World’s End isn’t as good as its two predecessors, but still has enough of that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost charm to see it through. The story is as ridiculous as we’ve come to expect, but it’s quintessentially British and worth a watch on the big screen.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Oddly not showing the first two films in any of the cinemas we checked, the final two parts of this quartet of movies are being re-released simultaneously. While a bit of a slog to get through, both parts of the Mockingjay finale have their moments, with exceptional performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore.


The New Mutants

Another release that has been pushed back, not just because of the pandemic though. No, this one dates all the way back to 2017 after being pushed back by Fox and new owners Disney at least 4 times! It remains to be seen if The New Mutants can draw in audiences though a more gritty take on X-Men sounds good to me – kind of a mix between Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy.

There you have it, six (well, technically seven), films for you to check out at the cinema this week. Hunt them down and remember, if you do pay a visit, please abide by the social distancing guidelines each cinema has in place. For more information, visit the chain’s website.


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