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Connect with the right people

Over 25,000 people use What’s On Hub every month to find things to do. We reach the people you’re looking to connect with and that’s why it works.

Only pay when they’re interested

Our pay-per-click model means you get to connect with the right people, but only pay when someone wants to connect with you.

You control your spend

Our pre-pay bundles help you control what you spend so you won’t ever pay more than the budget you have. Bundles start at just £20.

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Be seen in the right places.

We want your adverts to work for you, so we place them where people see and engage with them most.

Your adverts are positioned in-rotation on all pages of our platform; inserted between feeds, articles, events and places so they get seen.

And no matter what device your customer is using, your ad looks great!

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Creating your ad is easy.

Create your ad
Choose your headline, write a description, set the URL and upload your image. It’s that simple. You can even see how it looks before you book.

Customise your campaign
Set your budget and campaign start date. Then just sit back, relax, and see how many views and clicks you get. You can optimise your ad to improve performance.

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Trusted by big names in the industry

“Ads is intuitive and the preview is really handy!”
Scott Parsons, Digital Marketing Executive
Hull City Tigers

“We have found it to be extremely effective… It’s easy to use and if there are any queries our account manager is always on hand to offer advice and guidance.”
Sarah Smith, Marketing Manager
Princes Quay Shopping Centre


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