Celebrity Home Learning With MasterClass

A Woman Completing Celebrity Home Learning Courses


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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could learn skills from celebrities? Fortunately, you can, thanks to MasterClass. You can participate in a wide range of classes including acting, creative writing, filmmaking, makeup, singing, tennis, cooking and more. The classes are taught by some of the biggest celebrities. Natalie Portman teaches acting, Margaret Atwood teaches creative writing and Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking. If you love your celebrities and want to upskill during the lockdown, then MasterClass is for you.

Something For Everyone

There are over 80 courses to complete and the number is constantly increasing. Every course and every celebrity is different. Despite this, all the classes are inspiring. Some celebrities are more practical and others are more theoretical in their teaching. No matter how you learn and what you are interested in, there is a course for you.

A Unique Learning Platform

All of the courses are hosted on a sleek platform that is incredibly easy to use. The courses take the form of a series of short videos and workbooks. Classes are around 15 minutes long, which means you get the key information you need in a way that is easy to digest. Unfortunately, this also means you get less for your money and at £170 for an annual pass you are spending a fair bit. Another problem with MasterClass is that there is limited support available for students, with only Q&As, comment sections, and a forum if you get stuck. That said MasterClass is a unique opportunity to get to know your favourite celebrity or role model and understand how they think while developing your own skills. MasterClass combines self-cultivation with fun which makes for a powerful tool.

At the moment they have a special offer, you can get two MasterClass passes for the price of one. This means that you and a friend can access all the MasterClass courses and workbooks for a year for £170. If you have a good friend, then you can split the cost and get access for £85. This is a great deal and means that you can access some exceptional content for the equivalent of £7 per month.


Learn Something New Today

Ultimately, MasterClass is a unique and accessible celebrity home learning platform. Celebrity home learning with MasterClass is risk-free. If you don’t like MasterClass and purchased your pass in the last 30 days you can get a refund. Take a look, and take your learning and self-cultivation to the next level with MasterClass today.

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