3 Reasons Why This Japanese Gem Should Be Your Next Take-Away



So for the first time at Hull What’s On, we had an invitation to do our very first food review on the site. Never one to turn down an opportunity for free food, I “reservedly” said yes.

Outside Sumo, Newland Avenue HullYou may have seen our article recently about 4 new places to eat in Hull & East Yorkshire this Summer. Hull has a great range of local food dispensaries, but we’re not blessed with a great wealth of Japanese cuisine. We had never come across it in Hull before, but having tried a couple of dishes elsewhere in the UK, one night we were craving the oriental dish when Google came to the rescue and introduced us to Sumo, Japanese To Go on Newland Ave. Hence, why we featured it in that article.

The incredible window display at SumoGary Chin is the owner of Sumo, and kindly invited us to join him to sample some more of his dishes. Sumo actually opened around 2 years ago but it’s not until recently that word seems to have spread as far to reach us. It’s still relatively new to the Hull market, so it takes time for word to spread.

All I can say is, quite simply, you have to try this for your next take-away. Yes, Chinese is nice, kebabs and burgers are great and pizza is just the ultimate cheese and tomato goodness, but once you try Japanese, like me, you’ll be hooked! So here’s my 3 reasons why you need to make this your next take away.

#1 – Tastes fresh and feels healthier – not like your typical take-away

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming for one second that this is health club menu of the year here. Sumo’s menu is still saucy and often deep-fried, and with that comes the calories. But most dishes are mixed heavily with healthy veg that you just don’t get in your average Saturday night take away.

Katsu Curry at Sumo HullOur Chicken Katsu Curry Don with sticky steamed rice was served with a side of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  Now before you bork at the thought of eating 1 of your 5-a-day in your take-away, the veg actually goes perfectly with the curry sauce! The chicken breast was excellent quality too and tasted amazing.

Our Yaki Udon noodle dish was mixed with fresh vegetables too and full of flavour, without a thick over-bearing sauce.

Yaki Udon at Sumo HullOur Sumo Chicken Wings were deep fried and coated with sweet chilli sauce, topped with crushed Peanuts and Sesame Seeds, but served on a bed of Lettuce! Yes – Lettuce… in a take-away! And yes, I ate that too and it tasted great with the chilli sauce, peanuts and seeds.

We also tried the Sumo Pork burger with cucumber and fresh mint – nothing like any other burger I’ve tasted before.

Sumo Chicken Wings in Chilli SauceNow “when in Rome” ‘n’ all that lot, I decided to sample a Japanese soft drink called Ramune. I can’t say it’s something I loved. If you’re a fan of sparkling water with a hint of lemonade, then you’ll get along just fine but for me, I’ll hit a Tango next time. Sumo also serve Green Tea (again, not my personal taste) and Aloe Vera juice which I’ll maybe give a try next time. Again, healthy drink options you just don’t usually find in a take away.

Sumo Pork BurgerThe pots of ice-cream for after might also be an acquired taste for you. They actually tasted really nice, Black Sesame Seed flavour was our favourite over the Green tea, but I think that’s down to personal preference. If you like Green Tea or Sesame Seeds, you’ll like the ice cream as it’s creamy and nice and strong on those flavours.

#2 – Try something different

Ramune Japanese Lemonade at Sumo HullWe all get bored at some point, and although we love our favourite Friday night treat, you know in your heart that there’s something more out there than the usual pizza or kebab. Yes, Chinese is great, but how many times have you had that beef in black bean sauce, hmm?

I can’t recommend Sumo enough, you just have to give this place a try and expand your cheat-meal horizons.

#3 – Sumo menu tastes amazing

Japanese Ice Cream Pots at Sumo HullSumo’s menu makes it ideal to get started (take a look). There’s plenty of choice but it’s not too over-whelming where you don’t know where to start. It’s perfectly laid out into 8 starters, 9 mains and only 4 sides with a choice of 5 Sushi dishes should you want to give it a try without it being your main meal.

Above all, when you get your choice, you won’t be left disappointed. Portions are generous (not just because we were reviewing but we can say first hand from our meal we ordered weeks ago – we were stuffed!), it’s fresh and actually looks like the picture on the menu.

Final thought…

Inside Sumo HullI’m sure you can tell that it won’t be long before I’m back sampling more of this super menu (heck I’m getting cravings all over again just writing this article about it!) but don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at the reviews on the Sumo Facebook page and see what others are saying too. Just remember to give it a go if you’re ordering take-out tonight. You won’t be disappointed.


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