3 Reasons to Try Gravity Trampoline Park This Summer



Trampoline Parks have landed all over the UK now. Hull & East Yorkshire didn’t have any until last Summer, and then two came along at once.

It’s taken us a little while to get round to it, but we finally made a visit to Gravity in St Stephen’s. What brought us here I hear you ask? Well their new parent and toddler sessions have not long since taken off, offering tired, sleep-deprived parents like us, a chance to use whatever energy they have left and bounce around with their pre-schoolers.

And once a month they hold a themed version, which recently was ‘Pirates & Princesses’. We were invited to take our 4-year old daughter, Nevaeh, along to the themed session (our other daughter is only 6 months – hence the sleep deprivation – so was too young to join in) and tell you all about it. So here’s my three reasons why you should give it a try this Summer.

Before I begin though, please forgive the less-natural looking photos here. I found that I wasn’t capable of bouncing around and taking pictures at the same time, so we left it for the team at Gravity to take the shots as they do anyway.

1. It’s not just for kids

Ok so bouncing around on trampolines at first might seem like something for kids to do, but trust me, it’s great fun for the adults too.

Gravity is an open arena so you can just bounce around on each small trampoline with ease really. There are some cool “big kid” things that I liked – like jumping into the big pillow and the basketball rings where if you’re able to practice long enough without your toddler wanting your attention, you could practice trying to dunk a basketball from a superman style leap off the trampoline.

Nevaeh loved falling off the balance beams into the soft pillows. We also had a go at the dodgeball area, launching soft balls at each other and trying to bounce off the side-wall trampolines.

Over an hour, it’s amazing how worn out you get and that leads me onto my next reason…

They offer dedicated sessions for specific groups

Gravity offers the ‘Open Jump’ sessions, meaning you can book a session online or just turn up and start bouncing around. But at certain times of the day, during the week, they offer sessions to allow people to feel more comfortable and enjoy it more – they’re a bit cheaper too!

Obviously there’s the parent & toddler session as discussed so far. Those take place during term-time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am, and Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm. They have also just added Saturday mornings at 9am. During school holidays, it’s the last Friday of the month at 10am and 1pm (themed sessions) and also Saturdays 9am. These sessions are only £5 each child, with an adult going free – plus they’re now throwing in a free hot drink (not while you’re bouncing of course!)

DisABILITY sessions are also on every Thursday at 1pm and 4:30pm during term-time, while during holidays, it’s just the 4:30pm session that continues.

There are also HIIT Fitness Classes every week, which really gets the heart pumping. I just bounced around a little bit for an hour, but these classes work you hard for an hour apparently. They take place Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm, and if getting up early on a Sunday morning is your thing, they do a session at 9am – hardcore!

You can also book your own private party sessions in too, where they’ve teamed up with Nando’s, Handmade Burger Co. and Krispy Kreme’s so you can have a party for kids of all ages. They’re now teaming up with the new Zizzi’s so there’s a pizza party option too!

3. A Good Location

Being in the city centre is ideal of course, it’s central for most. Being in St Stephen’s is even better though. It means you can nip into a couple of shops before hand, have fun bouncing around, and then get a bite to eat after. Plus parking is easy with it being in St Stephen’s – they give you half price parking too or it’s free after 6pm anyway (just make sure you get your ticket scanned in the cafe) Or, if you need a few bits from Tesco, you can park there for 2 hours as long as you spend over £5.


Price wise, dedicated sessions are the real bargain at just £5-£6 per session and usually allow a free adult/carer (dependant on the session). Any other time, you can book online for £8.95 off-peak (Mon-Thu all day, Fri until 4pm term-time) and £9.95 peak (Fri 4pm – Sunday + school holidays), or walk-in and pay £10.95. You’ll need safety socks which are £2.50 per pair, which you can keep and use again.

Discount for What’s On Card members

We’ve bagged 20% discount on all open jump time (including peak-time this Summer) for all What’s On Card members too. That means if you book online, you’ll get in at just £7.16 without socks, or £9.16 including socks!

After the summer holidays, there will be a huge 50% off during off-peak times too! Meaning you can get an off-peak Open Jump ticket for just £4.95!

See the offer >

Top Tips

  • Book and do your waivers online before you get there – you don’t want to turn up and there’s no room left on the session, nor lose time to have to do your waiver.
  • Arrive a good 20 minutes early – there’s a mandatory briefing before each session, so if you get there late, you’re cutting into your bouncing time.
  • If you have have a pram, pushchair or wheelchair – arrive 30 minutes early. The journey from the car park to Gravity is easy if you don’t have one of these but there’s a huge flight of stairs to greet you on the other side of the bridge and no lift. The only way in if, like us, you do need a lift for a pram, is at the entrance on the front of St Stephen’s. That means you have to head down one of the lifts from the car park, head towards the Ferensway entrance, then get the lift back up to Gravity – a bit of a trek unfortunately.
  • Don’t worry about baby change, they’ve got facilities there along with an accessible toilet too.
  • Take advantage of the free lockers to keep your stuff safe.
  • Take a towel in case you work up a bit of a sweat. Changing is available in the ladies and gents bathrooms too but there might be a queue.