3 Reasons To Try Hedon’s New Bar & Grill



Ah Hedon, the quintessential East Riding Parish; popular with many for it’s little market-town feel. It’s not really known for an abundance of bars and restaurants, and rightly so, with only a handful in the village to choose from.

But one of these places is a hidden Gem. Tucked away in the corner of Market Place is The Mill Lounge & Bar. We were invited to sample the new grill there and here are 3 reasons why you need to take a trip over and sample the meaty goodness.

1. It’s meat-lovers heaven

So you might remember our visit and review of “El Molino” earlier this year. At the time it had an extensive Spanish tapas menu which we sampled and it was incredible.

The Mill is the reincarnation of that, keeping it’s 10 most popular tapas dishes, but changing to an all-round menu with a new grill selection. We were invited back by Ben, the owner, to sample his new dishes.

Gone is the Mediterranean decor; swapped for more relaxed booths and tables. Some work is still to be done but the feel of the place is quite different to when it was El Molino.

“We tried to introduce a new cuisine into Hedon with the tapas selection” Ben told us.

“But customers told us that they also wanted some more child-friendly meals, and some typical British classics. So we’ve responded to that feedback and revamped the menu and renamed. We still serve the most popular dishes, but now we have a great choice for everyone.”

And we think think it was probably the right choice after tasting some amazing meaty meals (although we do miss the Paella!). Before we tucked into the grill though, we got to sample a very tasty garlic and rosemary flatbread, followed by the Gambas Pil Pil – King Prawns marinated in garlic and chilli. Two beautiful appetisers to get started with.

The first main we tried was the 8oz rump steak and I must say, it was probably the best steak I’d ever had – genuinely. It was cooked to perfection, medium-rare just how I like it, but it was so tender, it was melt-in-the-mouth. It’s still sourced from a local butcher but now it’s marinated for 24 hours before being cooked. Laura really doesn’t like steak usually, but she tried it and loved it too – now that speaks volumes!

They brought out one of their huge Super Stack Burgers – two 6oz burgers with bacon, cheese, chilli sauce, portobello mushroom and onion rings. It tasted fantastic with the combination of flavours blending nicely together. I don’t normally like mushroom, especially in a burger, but I must admit, it complimented it really well.

We also got to sample a super-sized portion of pork ribs with crackling in a BBQ Jack Daniels sauce. Neither Laura or I are a fan of crackling, so we pulled most of that away to tuck into the pork which again was cooked-perfectly – tender and tasty. We did sample a little of the thinner crackling on the bottom and liked that too. You can see how huge it was from the photo and it’s usually served with two sides of your choice – so only order if you’ve worked up an appetite that day.

We finished the meal with a little treat too; the chocolate fudge cake and our favourite of the two, the honeycomb cheesecake. Definitely a must-try.

2. It’s now got dishes for everyone, including the kids.

The menu has a huge selection so it’s not just for meat lovers. They have a wide range of dishes including starters like seafood or meze platters, chilli nachos, flat breads and olives, sticky wings and mozzerella sticks. Mains include salads, pizza, pasta and they still have the seabass which we loved before!

The variety on the menu means it’s great for social and family gatherings. I find it hard to imagine that someone could come here, not be able to pick something from the menu and not enjoy it.

Our two daughters came with us again. Our oldest, Neveah, is four and wanted her favourite – Cheese & Tomato Pizza with chips. It’s a huge portion (I think the Pizza was about 7/8” rather than the usual tiny kids pizza you get elsewhere) and freshly-made. But what we loved, as parents, was that they served Nevaeh along with our starter.

That might not sound like something to love, but from our experience, most places to eat end up bringing the kids meals along with the adult main courses. Now that would be fine normally, but if you order starters, the kids are often sat there, very “hangry”, waiting for what they ordered. Sure, she might have a starter, but Nevaeh usually just cares about one thing and usually asks the same question no less than 50 times – “where’s my pizza?”

But at The Mill, that didn’t happen with this smart move; bringing it out together with our flatbread starter – Genius! There’s free wi-fi at the lounge bar too so if they start to get a little bored, you can keep them entertained with YouTube or Netflix while you wait.

3. It’s still fresh!

One of the things we loved about El Molino, was that each dish was full of flavour and that comes down to the freshness of the meat. That purchasing choice hasn’t been lost in the switch-over. Ben still sources his food from local butchers and suppliers, and it really comes out in the taste of the food. That steak was phenomenal and I’m already planning to go back and try it again.


Prices are good, especially for the quality of the food. Olives and flat breads are around £3 each, while starters range from around £4.50 – £5.50, sharing starters £10.50 – £11.50. Most mains range from £8 up to £12 with the exception of their colossal 32oz Tomahawk Steak at £30 or their 12oz ribeye for £16.45.

What’s On Card members can get 30% off all food though which is available every day they’re open (Tuesday – Sunday). There’s an extra £5 off your bill too if you go before end of the August. So you could end up going, ordering £30 worth of food, but getting it for £16 – an absolute bargain!

See the offer


The new menu is great and it’s better with a more relaxed feel to the place where you can just pop for drinks or a bight to eat. If you’re after a night out with the other-half or a gathering with friends, it’s definitely worth getting booked in. Hedon is only a 15 minute drive from Hull city centre along the A63, and there’s pretty much free parking everywhere in Hedon. We used a car park just around the corner on Church Gate.