3 Reasons to Try Hedon’s New Hidden Gem



So this week we had the opportunity to taste something new that’s arrived in East Yorkshire. El Molino is the latest edition to only a handful of restaurants in Hedon, and after opening in November, they’re certainly trying to make a name for themselves. So they invited us along to sample some of their Spanish Tapas dishes.

Now you might have guessed from previous food reviews on Hull What’s On, that my favourite places to eat out, usually involved a fat piece of meat sandwiched between a bun, cheese and other fatty goodness (OK, I’d stretch to a juicy steak but I’m usually too broke to afford it!). So I’ll admit, Spanish food isn’t something I can ever really remember experiencing before now. But now, after diving head first into it, I’m delighted to tell you all about it. So why should you head over to this little gem hidden away in the corner of Market Place? I’ll give you 3 reasons why…

The Taste

Firstly, the main reason we were there, was to see how delicious the food was and I can promise you it didn’t disappoint. Now I can’t really compare to other Spanish tapas restaurants, but you don’t have to be familiar with a type of cuisine to know if it tastes good or not, and these dishes certainly did.

We were introduced to the menu with a starter of fresh hot ciabatta bread in a basket served with Olive Oil and Chilli Oil – a delicious way to start. That was quickly followed by the Tomato & Garlic and Serrano Ham flatbreads, which had a crumbly, cakey texture to the bread which we loved.

From the meat tapas selection, we tried the juicy Steak Skewers were served with a homemade mushroom sauce, which was one of my favourites. The Marinated Rib Eye Steak with Sauteed Potatoes was mouth-watering and the El Molino Juicy Ribs were melt in the mouth with an incredible tomato BBQ sauce. Quite different to the usual BBQ ribs.

From the fish tapas, we tried the Salmon & Crab Fishcakes which was full of flavour, but mixed so well with the potato that it was soft and creamy. The Fish Skewers was also one of my favourites, a mix of Tuna, King Prawn and Salmon, marinated and chargrilled – incredible!

We were also treated to the Seabass & Chickpea and a Mixed Paella which has seafood, chorizo and chicken. We hadn’t asked for these but we certainly were grateful they came out with them. These ended up being our two favourite dishes and would recommend that you try these when you go.

It’s fresh

While being served by Ben, El Molino’s owner, he told us about his restaurant’s secret to the tasty food. “Everything’s fresh… We don’t even have a freezer!” It turns out that the team buy their ingredients from fresh local suppliers each day so stock is never frozen, just kept fresh in the fridge and prepared for each sitting. That means that the flavour of the meat and fish is as flavoursome as possible. In fact, Ben said that the Steak and Pork Ribs were from a butcher just across the street in Hedon that same day. It’s a tasty way of doing things, and a philosophy that will set them apart from the rest I’m sure.

Price is Right

Dishes are all reasonably priced. Starters including ciabatta, olives, oils, chips, etc. are between £3 – £4. Meat and Fish Tapas dishes are between £4.50 – £6.50 each, while flatbreads range from £3.50 – £4.75. The amazing Paella dishes are £7 – £8 for one or £17 – £18 for four.

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