3 Reasons to Try Hull’s Original Smokehouse this Christmas



So you might have read the title of this and thought “smokehouse at Christmas?”. Well just hear me out because one of Hull’s favourite (and original) American Grills has come up with a festive burger you’re going to love.

Before we tuck into Aunt Bibby’s Christmas Special, the Lamb & Mint Burger, we tried some of their signature dishes too which might tempt you into a revisit this Christmas.

It hasn’t lost it’s charm

Aunt Bibby’s was Hull’s first real American smokehouse to open in the city. There have been a few that have followed which are all good too (I’m yet to find one I don’t like!) so it’s been a little while since I’ve been. With the invitation to come along and try the new Christmas special, I couldn’t resist.

Now there’s something about Bibby’s that sets it apart from the others. There’s a unique back-street basement kind of feel to it, while the furniture and decorations bring touches of an American road trip to the Avenues. It’s a fantastic place and you won’t be disappointed with the experience.

The food isn’t just for burger-holics, like me!

To try out the new festive burger, I went with my wife, Laura. Unlike me, Laura isn’t a burger-holic. She likes good food, but juicy meat just isn’t her thing. However, she loved the food we had. Usually when we try these places, we get the usual burger and fries each, but this time we were recommended by our host Charlotte, to try some of their signature dishes.

We started with one of Bibby’s best starters, the Burnt Ends – cuts of beef brisket in a thin, smokey BBQ sauce. Now although the presentation of the dish was a little on the tame side, the flavour was outstanding as the beef just melted as we pulled it apart with our forks.

We also got stuck into the Junkyard Dog which was a smokey frankfurter in a roll topped with Onions, Coleslaw, Pulled Pork, Cheese and Bacon Bits. Quite the beast. It was delicious and flavours complimented each other perfectly.

Now I must admit, I like Lamb, but I did think before we went, that the flavour of it with mint sauce might be too overbearing for a nice burger; but I was completely wrong. The Lamb & Mint Christmas Special was a great combo of flavours with just a hint of mint that didn’t overpower the flavour of the Lamb. It was juicy, tasty and a great surprise.

We also sampled one of Bibby’s signature mains, the Texas Chick – two chicken breasts deep fried in tortilla chip crumbs, topped with salsa, ranch dressing, cheese and salad. Another combo of flavours that we loved.

Now here come the fries. We upgraded ours (which costs just £1.25) which you have to do too! I got the Aunt Bibby’s Fries which mixed them with sweet potato fries and topped with beautiful BBQ pulled pork which wasn’t too sweet or sickly, and cheese. Laura got the Trailer Trash Fries which also has sweet potato mixed in but topped with Caramelised Onions and Cheese – amazing! You get a huge portion in a bucket each too!

Sadly, we ran out of time for dessert which almost made me cry!

Price ain’t bad, and now there’s 30% off too!

Aunt Bibby’s menu isn’t expensive and if you’re a What’s On Card member, it’s even better value.

Mains like burgers and dogs start from just £7.50 a meal and include fries, while their signature tower burger is just £13. Starters range from £3 to £6.50; the ‘Burnt Ends’ Beef Brisket was £5.  They also do a ‘Challenge’ burger – 4 burgers, 2 chicken fillets, cheese, salad and fries – for £20.

You can now also get 30% off your food bill mid-week, or a free starter at weekends with our new What’s On Card. So if you’re dying for some of all this good stuff from Bibby’s, sign up today for £1 and try them out!