4 Reasons to See Little Shop of Horrors This Week



Last night was the opening night of Little Shop of Horrors at one of our favourite theatres, The Spa Bridlington. We had the opportunity to see this worldwide hit musical for the first time, and it didn’t disappoint.

The show tells the story of a poor and little-bit-nerdy florist assistant called Seymour, who’s in love with fellow assistant, Audrey. Set in Skid Row, New York in the 1950s, the florist is almost closing for business when Seymour’s interest in exotic plants saves the day. His new plant, which he names Audrey Two, feeds on human blood. In a sadistic, almost Sweeney Todd-esque way, the storyline unfolds and tragedies occur which gets Seymour into deeper trouble. So why bother taking the trip to see it this week at The Spa Bridlington? Here’s 3 reasons why you should…

1. It’s everything you want from a musical… and more.

I must admit, I knew that this musical was pretty well received the world over, but for some reason I didn’t expect what I actually got.

“Charming, kooky and hilarious” it was billed before hand, and I genuinely don’t think I could sum it up better myself. It is funny, and the story-line of Seymour getting the girl, was charming throughout the show.

Kooky? Without question. It’s completely frantic but in a good way. You don’t get lost trying to follow the story, but the energy this show has gives keeps you locked in all the way. Add into that, the great musical numbers from Alan Menkin and Howard Ashman, and you really have got your complete musical.

2. It’s (probably) the best musical to come to our region this year

OK, before you think I’m over-hyping this, I’ll put this into context. I’m not saying it’s the best musical ever… but it is very good. And with Hull New Theatre closed for refurbishment, we’re lacking great musicals in Hull & East Yorkshire this year. There have been a couple, including American Idiot and 9-to-5, but as good as they were, they probably weren’t the well-rounded story that this is. So I’d recommend that you pop-up to Brid and experience this while it’s here this week.

3. Rhydian actually makes the show

Sometimes, shows get promoted around their main star and there’s no question that Rhydian is probably the biggest name on the cast list. However, that doesn’t always mean they’re the best part of the show. In this case however, you can easily see that it was worth the punt from the shows producers.

As believable as Sam Lupton was as Seymour, and Stephanie Clift was as Audrey, Rhydian (and all his many played characters throughout the show) was funny, engaging and his voice was the best on stage – and that’s a bold claim as the vocal performances from all were fantastic.

4. The Spa is the perfect place to watch it

We’ve worked with The Spa since launching Hull What’s On in 2014, and we love it! Since it’s refurb 10 years ago, The Spa has retained it’s historical feel but with great modern touches. Seats are comfortable with plenty of leg room, toilets and open areas are modern and there’s a great bar too. And with ‘unrestricted-view’ seats from £20 adults and £16 kids, I think it’s a bargain (let’s be honest, this show in the West End is at least twice the price!). I’d recommend jumping in the Grand Circle for the Saturday evening show while you can still get tickets.

The show runs until Saturday 15th October 2016 at The Spa Bridlington.

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