Why You Should See ‘Benidorm Live!’ This Week

Benidorm Live at Hull New Theatre


Well folks. What can I say. Hull New Theatre have done it again. Another rip-roaring hit!

I was lucky to be in the audience tonight for the opening night of the hit show ‘Benidorm Live’. My ribs ache with laughter. My daughter and I have not stopped laughing all evening.

Written by local lad Derren Litten who also wrote the hit TV series of the same name. What a local talent he is. He has that sense of humour reminiscent of those brilliant 70’s sitcoms.

The show is set in Benidorm of course, in the Hotel Solana. Most of the TV cast are in this show. The super-sexy Jake Canuso as Mateo, the hilarious Tony Maudsley (Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix) playing Hairdresser Kenneth, Janine Duvitski as the most unlikely swinger in town, Adam Gillen as hapless Liam. And the delightful “Loose Woman” Sherrie Hewson as Jean Temple Savage and Shelley Longworth with a lovely singing voice as Sam. Not forgetting cabaret by Asa Elliott as himself.

The plot is loosely around the possible closure of the Solana following a take over, rumour has it, there’s a hotel inspector in town and of course they butter up the wrong couple and then mistake Jacqueline’s friend as the inspector. I won’t spoil the surprise and say who it was but of course they said the Solana was terrible. A modern day Fawlty Towers.

Those who have seen the tv show know that the script is full of double entendres and the live show is no different. The packed house was in stitches. Luckily the superb cast give the audience time to laugh (usually hysterically) at the jokes. They came thick and fast.

This is a multi talented cast. They sang, acted and danced their way through the show which passed so quickly. It was non stop entertainment. They had the packed house in the palm of their hands from the start.

The set design was very clever. For the first half, scenery changed using a circular turntable. I don’t recall Hull New Theatre having one so they must bring their own on tour. This resulted in swift and smooth scene changes from hotel reception to the pool to Blow & Go hair, sorry, beauty salon. The second half was set in Neptunes Bar and featured more musical numbers and a Flamenco dance from Mateo (Jake Canuso).

The cast were well supported by a troupe of actors /dancers who not only facilitated the scene changes but did so with style and nifty little dances across the stage.

Go and see Benidorm Live this week. You’re in for a light hearted, hilarious show and will come out buzzing.

Benidorm Live runs to 13th October and tickets start at £18 and are worth every penny.