Bonus Arena to Expand Over A63 Creating World’s First Drive-Thru Venue



Since its conception of Hull Venue, Bonus Arena has undoubtedly been a successful venture for SMG Europe, as well as Hull as a whole. With a reported 100,000 ticket sales over 2018, the arena is attracting names such as Boyzone, George Ezra, Madness and Culture Club. However, they don’t want to stop there.

Bonus Arena have today announced that they are expanding the venue across the A63 to become the leaders in the race of becoming the world’s first drive-thru venue. This is in an attempt to continue attracting big names to both the city and the venue, and ultimately, attract even bigger acts in the future. This will work by implementing variable speed limits across the A63 so that drivers get see a peak inside the arena during their commute meaning that when a live act is performing, they will hear and see the gig whilst they drive through.

Tom is a recent University of Hull graduate from Skipton. He believes that this venture from the arena is ‘great for Hull’, attracting bigger names will help the city ‘go further and offer more variety’. ‘My dream is to one day see my favourite band, Kodaline, from the backseat of my mums car’. Tom believes that this venture opens the door (or should we say car door?) to expose ‘gig culture to a wider audience’ and that this may attract the people who weren’t previously interested in attending gigs and concerts; ‘seeing the live atmosphere is the beautiful thing about attending a gig. The relationship between the artist and the crowd is often an intimate experience that just can’t be replicated through the studio. If people driving through get a glimpse into the venue and get a feel for the atmosphere, they may return as a paying customer’.

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Ken and Babs Davis are Hull locals and seem very excited about the development. They believe that it makes ‘total sense given how close the arena is to the A63’. They likened the concept to the Angel of The North and expressed that the venue may become a roadside landmark in the UK that people will ultimately cherish on their commute, and may attract further traffic through Hull. ‘The road isn’t exactly congested everyday anyway, so the variable speed limits and extra tourists shouldn’t affect Hull traffic too much’. Whilst they are satisfied with the amount of fantastic acts that regularly grace the venue, Ken is an avid Justin Bieber fan and hopes this is enough to bring him to Hull on his next tour. Babs also added that she hopes it won’t be too cold in the arena after the development, considering ‘how cold it was last time’ she visited.

Bonus Arena have made it clear that the roadworks across the A63 may perhaps be a little frustrating through the development, but when you see Drake walking through Princes Quay it’ll all be worth it. Whilst no official date has been announced for the development, you can best believe that if you fell for that, you’ll fall for anything.

Happy April Fools from What’s On Hub.