Why you should see BOUNCERS in Hull this week



I had the great pleasure last night of going to Hull Truck Theatre to see that great Northern classic Bouncers. The play about the keepers of the gates to nightclub heaven written by that God of Northern playwrights, John Godber OBE.

Bouncers has played in Hull numerous times since it was first scripted. However, Godber has ‘tweaked’ the play to bring it up to date and it has not lost any of its delights.

The cast is extremely talented bunch of four actors. Their versatility and timing are what made this production fantastic.

As the audience gathers, Security wander among them, keeping an eye out for trouble.

Lights down and the actors take to the stage, each with their own short er… “dance” routine.

The group easily slip from hard, rugged bouncers who have seen the backside of life outside the club, to four mates getting ready for the traditional Friday night clubbing, to four girls getting ready to hit the town. All of this is done without a single costume change. And it’s brilliantly carried out by the actors, quickly changing persona and body language from cocky lads to flirty lasses. They were hilarious!

Their strutting and posturing in various characters was great and had us all in stitches.

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Swapping from bouncers to mates, to lasses to bouncers to Hoorays college rugger boys. They were fabulous. This is such a talented quartet of actors.

The audience were entertained with the groups downing shots, taking selfies, hashtags, etc. that are all part of a modern night out. Interspersed with bouncer Lucky Eric’s speeches (lamenting how bad society is when pissed and life in general).

There’s not one part of this production that sags. It’s all go from start to finish. It’s an energetic look at Friday nights in a town anywhere in the country.

The set is simple. Two barriers on stage and some simple but great lighting. The choreography for the characters is simple but effective and the guys on stage looked to be really enjoying their night. The music is modern having been part of the update.

If you have thought about going to see Bouncers then go NOW. If you have seen it before, take a look at the updated version, it’s brilliant and very funny.

Bouncers is the sort of play you can watch more than once, and even see new things in it that you missed before. I had a fantastic evening and along with the rest of the audience, left the theatre on a high. This production buzzes. It’s brilliant. Don’t miss it.

Bouncers is showing at Hull Truck Theatre every day this week until Saturday (16 Feb). Tickets are available from just £12.50 from the official Hull Truck Theatre website.