Celebrate the Year of the Monkey in Hull!



Monday the 8th of February sees the start of the Chinese New Year.

Many of us see Chinese New Year as a good excuse to treat yourself to a cheeky takeaway – but here at Hull What’s On we wanted to know a little more about what it actually means and what happens! So, we’ve found out what it’s all about for you, and got some ideas on how you can spend it.

red-lights-1443878It all starts in quite an exciting way typically the house is cleaned and everyone gets new clothes (perfect excuse to go shopping)! On the 7th of February you need to get your creative head on and decorate the house typically with red lanterns, New Year paintings and this year you’ll see lots of monkey’s appearing! So as an avid emoji user the little monkey ones will certainly be put to good use!

In Chinese culture, spending time with the family is vitally important and the food eaten often is symbolic! So no you can’t just order veggie spring rolls with chips and chip spice! In Northern China the traditional dish is Jiaozi (or dumplings). When made traditionally they take shape to symbolize wealth! So if you want to get rich in 2016 we suggest you give these a go!

In Southern China the traditional food is niangao (sticky rice cakes), which are meant to symbolize improvement. Maybe miss off the Chinese though if your improvement is eating healthy – as we know Chinese food certainly is very tasty and moreish!

Here and Hull What’s On we’ve found some Chinese restaurants which we suggest you give a try! We’d say that visiting either of these over the Chinese New Year Period is the perfect excuse to go out and spend time with your family.

  • Lee Garden. Beverley.
    Located in the town center the restaurant is spread over two floors. It’s the only sit-down Chinese restaurant in Beverley that specializes in genuine oriental cuisine. We would recommend giving this place a try!
  • Zen! Hull.
    A new Chinese restaurant in Hull that offers fine dining. With food prepared fresh by Chef’s also includes their signature dish of Eight Treasures Tofu, is one to try! This restaurant sources their products and ingredients locally – so even more of a reason to give this place a go!

 So after trying the dragon-2-1421547specialist cuisine the start of the New Year is welcomed in with fireworks! And there’s an interesting reason behind this! It’s not just because they look pretty in the sky! A mythical beast called Nian who ate livestock, crops and even people on new year’s eve; the fireworks are used to scare away Nian.

To end the festival (February 22nd) is the lantern festival. Those celebrating Chinese New Year send up glowing lanterns, which is the traditional end of the Spring Festival. If you fancy doing this yourself just be careful and take precautions … we don’t want to set alight to the neighbor’s shed in the name of the Year of the Monkey!

Now if the sound of food doesn’t appeal to you, we’ve found a hidden gem of a way to celebrate Chinese New Year … and it includes popcorn! Hull Independent Cinema Cult Cinema Sunday’s showing Big Trouble in Little China (Rated 15) this Friday at 6pm down at Fruit.

And just so you know what you’re missing, here’s what you can expect:

“Truck driver Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) arrives in Chinatown, San Francisco, and goes to the airport to welcome his fiancée who is arriving from China. When she is kidnapped by a Chinese street gang, Burton becomes embroiled in a fantastical adventure in which he needs to rescue his fiancée from a powerful evil sorcerer, David Lo Pan (James Hong).”

By Hannah Lacey