Why you should see Club Tropicana in Hull this week



Last night was the opening night for Club Tropicana the Musical at Hull New Theatre. Now this might sound a bit strange but I’ll be honest; it wasn’t a show I was looking forward to that much – and that’s putting it very politely.

You see, if you follow our theatre reviews regularly, you’ll know that Amanda is our usual theatre goer and this is probably more her cup of tea. However, she wasn’t well yesterday and so I stepped in to take her place (despite my worst fears!).

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So why would I tell you that you should go and see it? Well, much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. The story, the humour and the characters completely won me over and now I really think you should see it too!

Initially I sat there with a well hidden grumpy face, as the show began with an opening scene of Ollie getting stood up at his wedding.

But as the story moved on, it quickly unfolded into a Fawlty Towers-style comedy. With the story even being similar to an episode of the hotel inspector (if you haven’t seen it, it’s brilliant!), making it into a camp, flamboyant musical, with a number of 80s hits thrown in. And by the end of the half, I reluctantly found myself getting into it.

Former X-Factor winner, Joe McElderry, was the biggest name in the cast line up. He was a really good as Garry the hotel concierge, and he hasn’t lost one bit of his superb voice. His character was very likeable too, as were many of the others.

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However, the real star of the show was undoubtedly Kate Robbins (The Harry Enfield Show, Last Of The Summer Wine, Phoenix Nights, Holby City, Citizen Khan, Dinnerladies) who played Consuela, the Spanish hotel cleaner, who was absolutely hilarious! The writers gave her all the best witty lines but she delivered them to perfection. It was after her introduction that my guard started to come down and by the end, I loved it!

Kate Robbins plays the hilarious Consuela

So of all people, I’m telling you that you should go see this. If you love the 80s, go see it. If you love frantic and funny comedies, then go see it. If you’re looking for a night out this week and you fancy something different to the usual movie and meal, then definitely go see it.

It’s fun, frantic, nostalgic and you won’t regret it!

Club Tropicana is showing until this Saturday (20th April) at Hull New Theatre. Tickets are available from just £19.50 at hulltheatres.co.uk.