Why you MUST see Derren Brown in Hull this week



By Dave Bushnell

Hull’s ever increasing ability to attract stars to the city continued to impress me this week as one of my favourite illusionists appeared on the Hull New Theatre stage.

Derren Brown, often seen on TV with his astonishing shows, is currently touring the UK with a ‘Best of’ stage production. His shows, geared around psychology and hypnotism of the mind, often make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do – but at the same time, it being their own choice to perform that act. It’s pretty incredible.

I had the opportunity to see the opening night of ‘Underground’ on Tuesday night which left my jaw, quite-literally, dropped.

I can’t say too much specifically about the show itself as it’ll give the game away. Parts of his show had him reading the minds of random people in the audience whilst wearing a blindfold made of bandages. And others parts of the show had members of the audience controlling the limbs of other audience members – really freaky!

You see, if you’ve not seen Derren Brown before, he’s not like your usual magician or illusionist. Most magicians perform tricks and illusions which are very entertaining and will also leave you scratching your noggin wondering “how on earth did they do that?”.

Not only did Derren leave the whole audience thinking that several times throughout the show, but his life-long study of psychology and hypnotism is what really creates a stunning show that you won’t want to take your eyes off for one second. His ability to tell a story and connect the dots from beginning to end will really blow your mind – it certainly did with me.

Derren Brown: Underground has come from London’s west-end and it’s probably the most incredible show of mystery and illusion you’ll get to see in your life. It really is a fantastic show and you don’t want to miss it – trust me.

There are still a handful of tickets available so pick them up while they’re still there. Book at hulltheatres.co.uk