Evita Is Live at Hull New Theatre This Week- Here Is What To Expect



Hubsters, if you love Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice productions then you should make your way to Hull New Theatre this week as Evita is showing and I was lucky to be in a packed auditorium to see it on opening night.

This international award-winning musical is touring with Lucy O’Byrne as Eva Peron, Mike Sterling as Eva’s husband and dictator of Argentina Juan Peron and Glenn Carter as the revolutionary leader Che Guevara.

The story tells of the rise of Eva, from working class actress to almost sainthood as the manipulative but emotive wife of the President Peron of Argentina. Eva worked her way through many lovers in a manipulative way which bettered her status and life with each lover. Eventually meeting Juan Peron and later becoming his wife and First Lady.

The songs in this production are all so familiar. ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ being the most famous and I thought the pitch of this was best for O’Byrnes voice (I found some of her higher pitch songs a little screechy but that’s just my opinion.)

Che sang ‘Oh What a Circus’ joined by a great supporting chorus was excellent and Carter acted this part with gusto all night.

A couple of my particular favourite songs were High Flying Adored and also Another Suitcase in Another Hall we’re beautifully sung.

My feet were moving most of the night with the evocative rhythms of the Argentine Tango which weaves through the music and I found it hard to sit still and not join in

The set for this production was busy but not distractingly so. Columns appeared and were lifted, larger sets for the cast to use, climb and sing from were well utilised too.

The choreography for this production is excellently performed by a slick and well-rehearsed chorus who were well used in most scenes.

It was emotional towards the end when Eva was dying. The scene with her husband brought tears to some of the audience seeing the portrayal of the death of such an enigmatic character who died aged just 33 years old.

It was not my favourite show of the year, but it is still worth watching especially if you love Evita and the songs which are so well known.

Evita runs until Saturday so be quick, tickets start from £15. Don’t miss this classic Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical.