Why This NEW Beverley Bar Should Be Your Next Night Out



Ok, I’ll be honest. I don’t get out much – well, to be more precise, I don’t get to have a night out very often. Parents of young kids and who have a lack of family/babysitter availability can sympathise with me when I say that. So it came as a nice surprise when I had the opportunity to head out with “the lads” recently (ok, just me and 2 mates) and headed to Beverley’s latest offering, FIREPIT.

Now FIREPIT only opened about 2 months ago so we’ve been dying to give it a go. We were invited along to sample the goods and experience this new Sports Bar and never one to say no to food, I gathered my troops and headed over to the typically quiet East Yorkshire town for a night out.

So here’s 3 reasons why you need to make this your next night out.

It’s buzzin’

So being Mancunian by birth, ‘buzzin’ is a word that comes natural to me. However, it isn’t a word I’d probably associate with Beverley if I’m honest.

When I think of going out in the town, it’s for a quiet meal for date night. Which is why I think this place has appeal and has well attended almost every night since it opened. I can’t think of anywhere in Beverley that offers such a lively environment where you can relax with friends, play some pool, and watch sport on TV; all in one place, yet not feel like you’re in the wrong place.

Sometimes you can head to bars, particularly down The Avenues in Hull, when it hits 6pm you feel out of place eating, while everyone else around you is stood with drinks in their hands.

At FIREPIT, there’s plenty of room to move, yet it doesn’t feel empty. If others are eating and you’re not, and vice-versa, it doesn’t matter. If there’s a group of lads watching the footy (on the biggest indoor screen I’ve ever seen!) while you’re having a meal, again, it doesn’t matter. It’s well-laid out so you don’t have to worry, yet the music and vibrancy of the place makes you feel like you’re having a great time.

Great if you love BBQ

We love our meat, so we were very much looking forward to the grub on offer. The menu has a good range, not huge, but it’s a good selection. We were really looked after by our server, Olivia, who knew the menu very well and gave us some great recommendations to try.

So thanks to her recommendations, we probably/definitely went over the top with the amount of food we ate that night.

We started with a Smoking Combo for 2 – this was a huge, rather meaty, platter that could easily serve two as a shared main. As we didn’t know the size of it before we ordered though (not that we cared!) we thought we could take it on between the three of us. We paid for that choice later in the night (eat responsibly kids!). The platter is served with a huge turkey wing, pulled pork, beef brisket, and chicken wings – all marinated and BBQ’d which cooked the meat perfectly, and gave it quite a unique smoky flavour. Loved it!

For our mains we ordered The Big Isaac Burger, Pit Ribs, The Benjamin, Texas Toast and Party Fries. Yep, you read that right, we ordered all that between three of us! But we loved it!

It was a really tasty burger, great flavours that mixed well. The ribs had the same unique smoked flavour to them as the combo platter, and the meat just fell off the bone. Texas Style Garlic Bread was great too, but the most interesting dish we had, was The Benjamin – half a Texas Style loaf, filled with beef brisket, pit chilli, pulled pork, tex-mex and cheese. Not seen or had it before but definitely one you need to try!

We also tasted some cocktails and mocktails from their drinks menu. The Very Banana mocktail is nice, but was more like a fruit smoothie, best for afters really. The Berry Smash mocktail was refreshing though, great side drink. Dan had the Cherrylicious cocktail which he said was similar to the Berry Smash but with booze in it, basically.

A great night out for different groups

All-in-all, yes it’s lively and fun, but what FIREPIT seem to be doing well is reaching pretty much any type of social group you are. Because it’s got everything on offer, and the atmosphere is right, you can go for a cocktail night with the girls, watch footy with the lads, grab a few games of pool, or have a date night.

I know that I’m keen to head back and take Laura in 2034, when we can have our next date night.