Why you should see Flashdance in Bridlington this week



By Amanda Ward
Theatre Reviewer for What’s On Hub

I was so lucky this evening to be in the audience at Bridlington Spa for the opening performance of the hit musical ‘Flashdance‘.

Loosely based on the hit movie it follows the aspirations of Alex who wants to be a dancer. Joanne Clifton (Strictly Come Dancing winner) stars as Alex and is a surprise. Who knew she could also sing as well as she dances? She has a lovely range and a clear voice and danced the part from her heart this evening. She was brilliant, full of energy and exuberance. She lit up the stage with her bright personality.

Alex/Joanne was on stage most of the evening and it must have taken some stamina to dance and sing her way through two acts. she beautifully danced a couple of the iconic Flashdance dances. Act one ending in that famous still from the movie where she is laid back over a chair and water falls onto her from above.

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She was superbly partnered by former A1 band member Ben Adams. A handsome leading man with a beautifully smooth voice. He complimented Joanne beautifully and their duets were a pleasure to listen to. I took my daughter along to the show with me and she fell in love with him all over again. I think a poster of Ben may be reappearing on a bedroom wall shortly.

The stars were ably supported tonight by a fabulous ensemble of actors and dancers, all of whom could sing with such energy that was felt and very much appreciated by the audience. The slick choreography by Matt Cole reflected those disco nights of the 80’s as did the costumes, which many of the audience of a certain age would remember so well; leg warmers, shell suits, headbands, lots of denim, lots of neon (we really thought we were ‘hip’ in those days)

The music is so familiar that it was hard not to sing along, until the encore when the audience were all up on their feet singing, clapping and dancing along with the cast. Familiar songs including, ‘Gloria’ ‘What a feeling’ ‘Manhunt’. It was an electric atmosphere.

The cast in addition to all the singing and dancing were also scene shifters. I am constantly amazed by the talent of set designers who can move scenery around to make different scenes. A word of warning though; if you are epileptic, there are quite a few strobe lights during the performance.

I have to say that it is worth a trip up to Bridlington to see this production. The talk in the audience was all about how energetic and uplifting the production was. It’s a bright and buzzing performance which will leave you feeling upbeat when you leave the theatre.

Be quick though as the production is only in Brid until Saturday 17th March. Don’t miss it. Make a trip up the coast and visit the beautiful theatre at Brid Spa.

You can pick up tickets online at bridspa.com. Saturday nights performance is limited availability now, but other performances are still available. Prices start from £27.50.