Your Guide to Hull Trinity Festival



 Join us on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th for a weekend of fantastic live performances across Hull’s Old Town. The main stage is hosted in a new venue this year: Zebedee’s Yard. So Trinity Festival invites you to explore and enjoy Hull City Centre’s music at its finest.

View the poster
View the poster

So what’s the big idea?

Hull Trinity Festival arose in 2011, as a small event that consisted of six venues, to promote live music across Old Town pubs, since then Hull Trinity Festival has rapidly expanded. Now, going into their sixth year, Hull Trinity festival features an outdoor Main stage, including national headline acts, and had developed to offer home-grown musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent.


Who’s performing?




14:00-14:25- The New Republic

14:45-15:10- Chambers

15:30-15:55- Streaming Lights

16:15-16:40- The Froot ‘67

17:00-17:30- Avalanche Party

17:50-18:20- Fire (TUF)

18:40-19:20- Special Guests (LIFE)

19:40-20:20- Black Delta Movement

20:50-21:45- Clean Cut Kid


14:00-14:25- Yasmin Coe

14:45-15:10- El Whaeko

15:30-15:55- Waste of Paint

16:15-16:40- Dantevilles

17:00-17:30- Audio Subscene

17:50-18:20- Special Guests (Bud Sugar)

18:40-19:20- Young Jack

19:40-20:20- Counting Coins

20:50-21:45- Hoosiers


This is a free music festival right on your doorstep. Hull Trinity Festival is a not-for-profit event which has been organised and funded by HullBID in partnership with The Warren Youth Project and Warren records, with sponsorship from Oscars Bar

What else is on offer?

There is food provided on both days to keep you fed and watered with the likes of Hull Pie on Saturday and Kerb Edge on Sunday. Children are more than welcome to attend as this is a family-friendly event.

So what better way is there to spend your weekend, than listening and supporting local acts all day long?