How to use your Premium membership / digital card

Premium membership gives you access to amazing discounts at local places to eat, events and attractions. Discounts vary, but we guarantee that each discount or special offer listed for our members, is exclusive to the club. This means you can’t get it as standard without premium membership.

Most discounts require you to show your digital membership card to verify that you’re entitled to the offer.

Using your digital card is easy…

  1. Go to using your smartphone each time you want to claim a discount or offer. Tick ‘Remember Me’ the first time you login so you can quickly open your card in the future
  2. Add the page to your smartphone homescreen for even quicker access – here’s how to do it on iPhone and Android
  3. Seen an offer you like? Ring ahead and book, mentioning the What’s On Card.
  4. Enjoy your experience and present your digital What’s On Card at the end when it’s time to pay.

Thanks for joining. We’ll email you each time a new offer becomes available. If you’ve got any questions about your membership, please check our Help & Support section.