How to switch to an annual Premium membership

Our monthly premium membership is great value and gives you the flexibility to cancel when you want. But if you’re ready to commit to a year long plan, you can save 58% versus the cost of continuing to pay monthly.

It’s best to cancel your current pass right away by following Steps 1 – 4 below, that way it won’t automatically renew when it comes to the end of it’s expiry date. We’ll email you 5 days before it’s due to end, leaving you the option of buying an annual pass and saving even more.

Step 1 – Find your subscriptions

Just go to your Account Settings page (found under your user menu) and click the Subscription tab. Here you’ll find a list of your active subscriptions.

Step 2 – Cancel the subscription

Mouse over (if you’re on desktop) or single tap (on you’re mobile/tablet) the subscription line you wish to cancel. An option will appear for you to CANCEL or DELETE. Click CANCEL (do not click ‘Delete – see below), after which, you’ll automatically be taken to either PayPal or Stripe, depending in your original payment method.

Step 3 – Cancel your recurring payment

PayPal – After choosing CANCEL, you should be taken directly to the recurring payment profile that you originally set up. Here you’ll see an option to cancel the recurring payment near the top of the screen.

If you’re not taken directly to this page, go to your ACTIVITY tab (in the top menu of PayPal), find your original payment to us and click it. More information about the payment will appear, where you’ll see an link saying MANAGE YOUR HULL WHAT’S ON PAYMENTS. This will bring up the recurring payment profile, where you’ll see an option to cancel.

Credit / Debit Card (Non-PayPal) – After choosing CANCEL, this will end any recurring payments in the future.

Step 4 – Buy an annual pass

Your monthly membership will continue until the end of it’s current month. We’ll email you 5 days before it’s due to end. You can then buy an annual pass in the same way as before. Just go to the Membership Levels page to get started.


When cancelling your pass under the Subscription tab, there is an option to DELETE your current pass. Clicking this will immediately end your active pass and you will not have access to your digital membership card until the end of your pass period. As per our terms and conditions, we do not issue refunds for each pass you buy, except within your first 14 days of your first pass purchase.