Everything You Need to Know About Hull’s First Polish Film Festival



Artlink on Princess Avenue is hosting Hull’s first Polish Film Festival in conjunction the Polish Community Centre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence.

The festival will show 3 independent Polish films in one day, all for free on Saturday 17th November.

The programme has been organised by the Polish Community Centre Hull and co-financed by the Big Lottery Fund and Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Manchester.

Hull’s first Polish Film Festival, is a free event to open to everyone of all ages, offering films suitable for everyone.

The three films showing are:

1. Tarapaty (Double Trouble), dir. Marta Karwowska

Showing at 1:30pm

Running time 1hr 25mins

Friendship is not just an easy thing, Julia knows it well. 12 year old girl, who attends the boarding school, has never had a real friend yet. Summer holiday starts, and with it big trouble. Julia instead of visiting her parents in Canada, spends time at her auntie’s in Warsaw. She meets Olek, a young boy living in the same block. The real adventure begins, when children find a way to get a hidden treasure. On there path to success, they meet many obstacles – robbery gang, crazy nanny and sweet addict. To come out of this situation alive, Julia has to start trusting others and believing in friendship.

2. Botoks (Botox), dir. Patryk Vega

Showing at 4pm

Running time 2hr 15mins

Patryk Vega’s dark action comedy about Polish medical professionals, had 711,906 admissions during the opening weekend, becoming the best premiere in 2017 for Poland and the second best Polish production premiere in the last 30 years. Botox follows the paths of four female medical professionals: a surgeon, an ob-gyn, an emergency doctor and a pharmaceutical rep. The script written by Vega is based on the darkest and most dramatic stories and urban legends connected to Polish medical services. The film was shot in June 2017 on location in Warsaw, Paris and Copenhagen produced by Vega Investments.

3. Zimna Wojna (Cold War), dir. Pawel Pawlikowski

Showing at 7pm

Running time 1hr 25mins

Pawel Pawlikowski, eminent Polish filmmaker, recipient of Oscar (“Ida”) and BAFTA (“Last Resort”, “My Summer of Love”) introduce his new and already internationally-acclaimed film Cold War. Cold War is a passionate story of a woman and a man who met among the ruins of post-war Poland. Almost everything divides them, especially their origin and temperament. They seem to be tragically mismatched right from the beginning. But it turns out that despite all the differences and adversities they can’t escape being together or bring themselves to part ways. Every time politics, character faults or misfortunes separate them, while cold war Poland of the 1950s, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris become the backdrop to their love story happening in unfavourable times.

Hull’s first Polish Film Festival will be taking place on Saturday 17th November at Artlink on Princess Avenue. For more information and to book your Free Ticket click here.