Why Jersey Boys is the show to see in Hull right now

JERSEY BOYS UK Tour 2017/2018


By Laura Bushnell
Writer for What’s On Hub

Be prepared to tap your shoes and shimmy in your seat as this week the huge west-end musical, Jersey Boys, has landed in Hull. It’s the second sell out show I’ve been lucky enough to review and I loved it!

I don’t want this to be a spoiler so I will keep it snappy and a taste of what’s to come 😉

I warn you now I am not an expert in West End musicals by any means, but I thought that the singing in this was just brilliant. Some of my family members were fans of the Four Seasons so I remember that unmistakable voice of Frankie’s and was so impressed by Michael Watson’s voice in this particular production; a great tribute.

JERSEY BOYS UK Tour 2017/2018

Jersey Boys took us through the story of how Frankie Valli was discovered and what lead to these boys reaching their fame and fortune. Not only this but we got to see a glimpse of what life was really like for them, and it was fascinating. The story is narrated by each member of the band, who give their take on how it all happened.

After taking Frankie off the streets and under his wing, Tommy DeVito, together with Nick Massi, started playing at local clubs where they soon start performing with Bob Gaudio.

The new foursome go from gig to gig until an opportunity with a music producer comes their way. Soon after, Bob writes a hatrick of hit songs; the (now) infamous “Sherry Baby”, “Big girls don’t cry” and “Walk like a Man”, and start their journey into the big time.

JERSEY BOYS UK Tour 2017/2018

It had all the big hits in there and honestly the boys sounded great together, they didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through.

The atmosphere was electric. It was like everyone was itching to sing and dance. I could hear a few behind me singing along.

I didn’t know they had created the song “Beggin” so it was a nice surprise to hear how it originally sounded. If I have to pick a favourite song it would be… no wait 2 …okay 3… they would be “I can’t take my eyes off you”, “Sherry” and “December 1963 (Oh What a night)”

JERSEY BOYS UK Tour 2017/2018

The cast were great, a lot of them had multiple roles that they slipped into effortlessly. Mark Heenehan went from a Judge to a Mafia boss and many in between.

The whole cast were very talented you could see most of them could pick up any instrument. They could sing, dance, act and play. They had it all!

For those of you have tickets already, you’re all in for a treat. Be prepared to be dazzled, serenaded and swept off your feet. The quality of this show is unbelievable and to have such a huge west-end show come to Hull is a great opportunity.

If you haven’t got tickets yet, I’m sorry to say there aren’t many left at all. Tickets sold out really quickly when they went on sale last year. There are only single seats left at all performances apart from the Thursday 1st March 2:30pm matinee. Tickets that are available start from £32 and you can pick them up online from hulltheatres.co.uk

JERSEY BOYS UK Tour 2017/2018