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Do I have to join to use What’s On Hub?
You don’t have to join. The Hub is free for all to use, but joining gives you extra benefits such as being able to save things you’re interested in to your account, ready to see again when you come back. You’ll also get our Top Picks email newsletter sent directly to you every week so you can see the best of what’s on. Choose a Premium membership, and you’ll also get exclusive discounts at local attractions, entertainment and eateries – find out more

Do I get a membership card?
Become a premium member of What’s On Hub, and you’ll get a digital card. We don’t issue plastic cards to keep the cost of membership down. But let’s be honest, you’re sick of plastic cards bulking up your purse or wallet now right?
Free members don’t currently have a digital membership card available.

How long does it take for my premium membership and card to be active?
Digital cards become active right away after you sign up. You can literally be sat in a one of our partner attractions or restaurants, sign up and get your discount there and then. Another benefit of having no plastic cards to send out in the post.