Why you should see the Legally Blonde Musical in Hull this week



It was the opening night of ‘Legally Blonde’ at Hull New Theatre last night and I was thrilled to be able to go see it.

Now I assumed because of the licensing rights this would have been a Broadway/West End show so when I found out Beverley Musical Theatre (BMT) had been given the exclusive rights to ‘Legally Blonde’ I was quite impressed and was eager to see the level of talent we have in the area.

I LOVED their performance It was great to see them in a professional setting such as Hull New Theatre and you could tell they loved every minute! I felt quite a sense of pride watching them knowing they have been studying and training in Hull and you could tell there were lots of their family and friends there cheering them on which just added to the atmosphere.

The Story….

For those who don’t know, Elle Woods was your typical American high school, sorority president, cheerleading girl who had big plans to get serious and marry her high school romance, Warner (played by Aidan Thompson). But Warner had other ideas and steams ahead to his Harvard Law School future, leaving Elle behind.

Determined to get her man back and prove she is worthy of him, Elle follows him into Harvard and unexpectedly finding her passion for Law and helping people. Along her journey she realises she deserves better and ditches Warner to become the Elle Woods she was always meant to be.

The cast

Zoe Kenington who played ‘Elle’ really was the star of the show. Her stage presence was remarkable and she had a fantastic voice. She is studying Drama and Theatre Practice at
The University Of Hull as well as working as a Singing Teacher and Drama Assistant. She has also starred in other fantastic shows such as ‘Fame the Musical’, ‘High School Musical’, and ‘Little shop of Horrors’ to name a few!

Zoe Kensington as Elle Woods with Bruiser the dog

Joshua Archibald who played ‘Emmett’ was another favourite of mine, He had a great voice and both him and Zoe were incredible on stage. Their friendship on stage was very believable and they worked really well together.

I loved Paulette, I loved her character! She was funny, believable, and sweet. She was like Elle’s University Mum and we all willed her to get her dream guy too.

And Kyle, well he WAS THAT GUY! He is your typical hunk covered in Tats with a skin tight delivery man outfit to top it off. Just something else to look forward to girls 😉

Songs, Music & Dancing…

The show had some amazingly catchy songs that I just couldn’t get out of my head on the way home; “Omigod you guys”, “Ireland”, “Whipped into shape” were a few of my Faves. The classic ‘Bend and snap’ was featured and my ultimate fave for lyrics, choreography and laughs was the “Gay or European” song… It was absolutely brilliant!

The whole show was done brilliantly and I was really impressed with the dancing.

Hats off to Chris Holmes for the Choreography. They had lots of energy bursting through on stage, and they seemed to do it effortlessly. It looked a lot of fun to say the least!

I am a fan of Legally Blonde and was excited to see it, but whether you’ve watched the film or not, you’ll absolutely love it! I did go with a friend who had no idea what Legally Blonde was about, she completely bought into the story and loved it too.

Sadly, opening night gremlins did affect the sound which was a little off-putting. I’m sure it was just teething problems as it was the first night and it certainly didn’t affect the Cast’s performance.

All in all, it was a fab night out! Loads of laughs and I would definitely go see another show produced by Beverley Musical Theatre. A massive well done to all of the Legally Blonde Cast, you did the region proud!

Legally Blonde is now on at Hull New Theatre, showing every day until this Saturday. Some tickets are still available ast just £11.50 so an absolute bargain! You can book online at hulltheatres.co.uk