Lou Sanders Q&A



After sell-out, critically acclaimed runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London, with both runs extended to meet high demand, Lou Sanders is back with a national tour. She brings stabby step mothers, alcohol issues and an unusual sexual encounter in LA with her.

Lou Sanders will be bringing her one-woman show, Shame Pig, to Hull City Hall’s Mortimer Suite on 26 April.

Lou Sanders Q&A

You’re a familiar face to audiences who may have seen you on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Hypothetical and Taskmaster, but this is your debut national tour. How excited are you? What are you looking forward to?
Yes, it will be nice to see what the regional babes are saying. Get out in to the countryside, have a look at a museum in Doncaster that kind of thing.

What should an audience expect from Shame Pig?
First and foremost a comedy show. That’s the main take home with a bit of luck. Content wise it’s veeery revealing.

How difficult is it to laugh at your own shame? Does it help with your well being?
Yes, I think everyone should. I mean once you’ve stopped wetting yourself when drunk, you must be able to laugh about it. But it’s good to stop doing it first I would say.

You’re very forthcoming about shame. Is there anything you’re too ashamed to talk about on stage?
No I don’t think so. But there’s stuff that I am thinking about how to word in my new show, because I don’t want to hurt anyone.

The poster for this show, where you’re posing with pig, won the Panel Award at the Comedy Poster Awards. How did that come about? Was the pig well behaved?
I hired two pigs from a couple of nice ladies. One was sociable the other not so much but then a pig’s a pig you know. I’ve always said that. We couldn’t believe neither pig had pooped in the studio with the amount we were feeding them, and then right at the end, as they were leaving they pooped everywhere, a lovely parting gift from the piggies. I don’t know if they discussed it beforehand but it was beautifully choreographed.

Shame Pig won best show at the Comedian’s Choice Awards, as voted by other comedians. What does it mean to receive the acclaim of fellow comics?
Yes – lovely – but there was no cash attached to the award haha. No it was very nice thank you.

Shame Pig is certain to make people think as well as laugh. When you wrote it, did you set out to make a point, or is the material just inherently thought-provoking?
I always try and have some message in my shows – as naff as that sounds. I just love giving people advice they haven’t asked for.

Before you were a comedian you had a variety of jobs, including working for Ofcom. What’s the worst job you ever had? What was the best?
Worst job was data inputting – all day every day – looking at a sheet of numbers and putting them in columns on a computer. No fun colleagues, no music, no headphones. Just me and excel. Hideous. And that’s why I think – yes let AI take over, get a robot to do that job thank you.

After the tour, what’s next for you?
Another tour: of the new show, but that’s after Edinburgh and a few other bits which I’m excited about.