Why You MUST See Kings of Hull this Week



We headed over to Hull New Theatre again last night as the newly renovated venue hosted another performance of John Godber’s The Kings of Hull.

It tells the life story of the King Family from Bilton Grange; Malcolm and Becky King getting married and typical life as we know it from there on in.

I loved it from start to finish. It’s light hearted, nothing dramatic in the storyline whatsoever, but it’s entertaining as you resonate with the spectator performances of the characters on stage.

This was an incredibly funny, proper feel-good show about life in Hull. Remember how you felt at the start of the year when you saw the light shows beaming across Victoria Square? Remember how proud you were to be ‘Made in Hull’? To see all the best bits about our unique city showcased on centre stage? That’s how Kings of Hull makes you feel all over again.

With songs about Hull City, Spiders, the floods and even how the other half live, yep, I have to say it… Here it comes…  “It’s one Hull of a show” (Sorry, had to do it!)

Go see it this week. You must. It’s only on until Saturday. Event and ticket booking details here.