A Not So Traditional New Year’s Resolution. Part Two: Military Style Workout.



Many people try to get fit as their new year’s resolution, but some of us find going to the gym or jogging around the block a bit boring – so here at Hull What’s On we decided to try something a little different.

Military Workout picSo as we come to the end of January a few of us will still have kept up some of our New Year’s resolutions, whilst many of us statistically will have slipped back into our old habits. Pay day seems a long time away; so who can blame you for having that sneaky extra chocolate bar that’s been reduced in the super market, or skipping the gym because it’s simply too miserable to leave the house.

According to research done by BUPA 32% of us Brits were expected to make New Year’s resolutions this year. Sadly the statistics are against us; only 12% of us successfully completed our resolutions last year. It’s difficult to make such drastic changes so suddenly. So don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t go to the gym everyday, or cook more of your own food, or started eating healthier, all whilst trying to save the world; it’s just physically impossible … and I find that if I try to do that much I’ll be reaching for the glass of wine by Wednesday – goodbye dry January.Outdoor Bootcamp Army Fitness Training Hull

My approach to this is to try something new. Earlier this month I tried Yoga Hatha which is something that I’ve worked hard at keeping up, so as I’m still working off the Christmas over indulgence I’ve decided to try Military Work Out based in Hull’s West Park. Thought this would be a great start and something fun to try…

What’s described as a workout that’s “similar to those carried out by new recruits during their basic fourteen weeks Military recruit training” this certainly comes across as intimidating. If you’re up for a bit of a laugh and a challenge this is something for you to try. Similar to the yoga it’s a group class, so great if you struggle to motivate and push yourself, which you might find when tackling the treadmill alone at the gym.

Although it’s a challenging work out don’t be worried if you’re not super fit the sessions work for lots of levels of ability, which is great because unlike at the gym you’re not going to compare yourself to the guy next to you.woman-jogging-blur-1429021

So once you arrive the class starts with a warm up; jumping straight into the cardio – I mean you have to start as you mean to go on. Owner Sam leads the session. Which whilst your working out she points out how the army conduct their workouts, and how its similar to what you’re going through. So as well as a more typical work out, the Military Style workout includes old school style playground games. Nothing brings back your childhood (sadly not the same level of energy though) than these kind of games. At the end of the session you get the chance to cool down at chat (if you have any energy and caught your breath that is). By the end you’ll find yourself well and truly worked out.

One of the added bonuses for this class? Your first session is free so literally you’ve got nothing to lose. And think of it this way; you really would earn a cupcake or a drink down the local after all that! The Military Style Workouts are held in West Park in Hull from 6.30pm-7.30pm. Give it a try, if you do good luck!

 Information correct on 20th January 2016.



Published By Hannah Lacey