Being offended never felt so good…




Critically acclaimed musical Avenue Q arrived in Bridlington this week and managed to question every single person’s moral compass in the crowd.

Some of the songs on the night included “Everyone’s a little bit racist” and “The internet is for porn” and it is a unique achievement to have a crowd silent in disbelief at the beginning of a song to singing along by the end of the track.

The aim of the hit musical is not to make you question your own values or morals it is to entertain and this show certainly does that from start to finish. The most obvious entertainment factor is that the cast is a mixture of actors and puppets, imagine if the characters from Sesame Street all grew up and had adult opinions and problems and you would not be far off.

What is terrific about the cast is that when the puppets are “speaking and singing” you suddenly forget that they are being operated, you fall in love with these characters and your eyes are transfixed to their every movement.

The story follows the cast as they live on a street in urban America, They all go through the day to day rigors of life and it’s these shared experiences that you gravitate to all whilst having an incredible evening. One of the nostalgic moments from the show for the audience is how in this fictional tale they manage to tie in 80’s icon Gary Coleman into the story as the “caretaker” the actor who plays the part comes out with all the one liners that we remember such as “what you talking about Willis” this brings a universal smile to the crowd who remember the show Different Strokes.

You may be forgiven to think that in a musical which is as quirky and unique as Avenue Q the singing would be the thing to suffer, well think again. The stars of show are all brilliant, they sing all the songs note perfect and do a wonderful job of taking you from your seat into the action.

Obviously due to the adult content of the show this is not aimed at the family, but it is a great show not to be missed, if you are easily offended then this show is not for you, however if you are willing to laugh, cry and be in disbelief mainly at yourself then you will want to go see this show.

Avenue Q is showing from Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd November at The Spa Bridlington – Find out more >