Hull Blast



    58 Stockholm road, Hull, Hull, HU7 0XW
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    About Hull Blast

    Come and try it yourselves. Hull Blast is Yorkshire’s first indoor interactive Nerf arena. Battle through 3 different exciting zones, competing to be the ultimate champion!

    Take aim and practice your skills in our state of the art shooting range. This zone allows participants to familiarise themselves with the blasters, at the same time as competing to be the all time top scorer!

    Or make your way through our fun-filled Apocalypse Zone, avoiding the foam darts being blasted at you from your opponents. Will you hide inside the full size army jeep? Take shelter behind the war torn clock tower? Or run behind the petrol station? With real life sound effects and flickering street lights, the atmosphere within this zone will leave you excited and ready for the final experience.

    Blast off in our “out of this world” Space Zone will ensure your final battle is an experience to remember. You will start by making your way through the lunar door and experience the sights and sounds of outer space. Will you avoid your opponents by entering the mirror maze, or hide behind the long legged spider bot? The fun doesn’t stop there – you’ll be left starry-eyed at our amazing light and laser show! Watch the lights dance around to the space themed music, experience the sound of lasers whizzing by your ears, whilst you encounter a final battle with your opponents.

    Opening Times: 4pm – 8pm Thursday & Friday, 10am – 8pm Saturday & Sunday

    What's on at Hull Blast

    There are no events listed here right now but there will be more coming soon.