Why you should see The Play That Goes Wrong in Hull this week



By Amanda Ward
Theatre Reviewer for What’s On Hub

I have just had the best night out that I have had in yonks, after going to see the opening night of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong‘ at Hull New Theatre last night. I strongly recommend that if you have not already booked to see this show, that you go online and book a ticket NOW. I had tears of laughter rolling down my face all evening!

The play is about Cornley Polytechnic’s Drama Society’s latest production called “Murder at Haversham Manor”. As the title says, things go wrong. Ok, the whole play is a disaster but an hilarious disaster of failing scenery, props, fantastic acting and scrupulous timing.

As you sit in the auditorium, the production starts so get to your seat early and look out for ‘Winston’ the dog (poor thing has gone missing and is an important part of the play).

The cast include the audience in the pre-production set up which, yesterday evening, had the audience laughing and joining in even before the ‘scheduled’ start of the night. Without a doubt, this is a really talented company. Their gag timings and interaction with the audience were excellent. They had the audience eating out of their hands from the start and maintained that interest all evening.

I particularly enjoyed the audience interaction which continued throughout the show. The atmosphere was like that at a pantomime and if an audience member shouted out to the cast, then the cast member interacted with the audience much to the hilarity of the rest of us. By the interval I had no make up left on my face as my tears of laughter had washed it all off.

After the interval were more high jinks and hysterics. I couldn’t really pick out an outstanding cast member as they were all absolutely brilliant in their own way but Max Bennett playing the dual role of Cecil Haversham and Arthur the gardener had me in hysterics at his portrayal of the roles he took on tonight. He worked with the audience and his fellow cast members and was definitely my favourite.

There was not one minute without hilarity tonight. My sides physically ache from laughing so much and the whole audience left the auditorium with huge grins on their faces. That’s what I call a night out!

The Play That Goes Wrong is showing every night this week until Saturday (matinees on Thursday and Saturday) at Hull New Theatre. Tickets start at just £15 which for a play currently running in the West End right now too, I think is really good value.

Ladies, remember your waterproof mascara, some tissues and a pack of Tenas. Believe me, you’ll need them!