Why You Should See Saturday Night Fever in Hull



Well, this 70’s chick had a great night at Hull New Theatre last night watching that classic “Saturday Night Fever”, which was originally a movie starring John Travolta and is now set on the stage. I have to say this touring production positively SIZZLES.

We are visited by a company with excellently trained dancers and singers and they transported the audience back to 1970’s New York complete with Brooklyn Bridge, glitter balls and tight flared pants and that great disco sound of the 70’s.

Tony Manero was played by the gorgeous Richard Winsor (Cal from Casualty whom we all wept over when his character died). I was absolutely mesmerised by his slick dancing and acting not to mention his er…..very pert bum. Those 70’s fashions never left much to the imagination. Winsor carried off the swagger and confidence of Manero with aplomb. self confident and strutting around the stage, you just HAD to follow him and he led this production with style.

For those who are not familiar with the story, Manero regularly disco dances down at the local nightclub and is really, rather good at it. There’s to be a dance competition with a $1,000 prize and Tony initially partners up with the love-sick Annette to dance in the competition. His eyes are soon caught by Stephanie, a new dancer at the club. Tony Manero ditches Annette for the better dancer and again we are treated to classic Night Fever dances. In the back ground are stories of the Manero family and Father Frank, the son who was a priest and Manero senior who bullied Tony as a child and whom Tony stood up to. Other sub stories are usual teen angst of boy gets girl pregnant, and has to marry her but keeps asking everyone’s opion on whether he should and of Stephanie who is trying to better herself and move to Manhattan.

We were treated with classic Night Fever choreography, slickly performed by the Company of dancers. They twirled and boogied their way through the 70’s disco music with style. I wanted to get up and join them.

They were brilliantly accompanied by an on-stage band and their own ‘Bee Gee’s ‘ who were positioned on stage on a raised platform. Their singing was fabulous. You could close your eyes and just hear the familiar songs floating through the air.

Word of warning to my fellow ladies, Mr Winsor changes into his white suit, on stage. He’s a fine figure of a man and you may need to get your smelling salts out. I am still having pleasant flashbacks.

Go and see this. If you’re my age, you remember the movie, but this production is so much better, if you’re younger you will love the music. There’s a fair few “F” words floating about so not one for the youngest ones.

Don’t miss it as it’s a treat for both the eyes and the ears. They’re a very talented company and well worth the ticket. Some are still available for just £22.50 at hulltheatres.co.uk