Why you should see Fat Friends in Hull this week



By Laura Bushnell
Writer for What’s On Hub

Fab Fab Fab!

I had a brilliant night out watching Kay Mellors,‘Fat Friends’ the musical on its opening night at the Hull New Theatre on Monday.

I have never seen or heard of Fat Friends before so I didn’t know what to expect other than the image on the poster looked fun and I hoped I was in for a laugh. The theatre was full considering it was a Monday night so at that point I knew I was in for a treat.

I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVED this show it was full of laughs, dancing in spandex, jokes and spectacular singing. It really was a laugh a minute and very relatable.

The story

I don’t want to say too much on this as it was part of the fun not knowing… But the show is based around a weight loss group in Headingley and it seems the whole town had gone dieting mad which didn’t go down well with Fergus, the owner at the best chip shop in town.

All of the Characters are very relatable and worked really well together; you could tell they had a lot of fun rehearsing this one. ‘Kelly’ was the star of the show, a self confessed ‘fat girl’ who didn’t care about her weight until she saw her ultimate dream wedding dress. The show took us through her journey of trying to lose as much weight as possible in 6 weeks, ready for the big day.

The songs

The songs were absolutely brilliant. They were full of jokes and amusing anecdotes about being Fat and the turmoil that is dieting! These are some of my faves, “Corest song”, “Diets are Crap”, “Going Global” and the best one to look forward to is the song about the best lover a girl could want… CHOCOLATE!

The Cast

I didn’t look up the cast beforehand so I was personally surprised to see the once shy Sam Bailey (former X-Factor winner), step into her own on the stage. Her voice was absolutely amazing and an absolute pleasure to listen to. She played the Mum to Kelly and you could really see her mothering nature and close bond to her daughter.

I was equally surprised to see Natasha Hamilton, from Atomic Kitten. She played Julia Fleshman the wannabe fame and fortune star who runs her own Slimming company, and ruthless on the path to win.

Natalie Anderson (from Emmerdale) played ‘Lauren’ the wedding dress shop owner come slimmer coach desperately seeking her own man.

Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts from Corrie!) was in there too! I didn’t even know he could sing! He played the Dad (Fergus) in the best Chip shop in town.

Joel Montague played ‘Kevin’ who was the fiance to my favourite actress by far, the star of the show ‘Kelly’ played by Jodie Prenger (winner of I’d Do Anything 2008); she was fabulous, fun lovin’, great singer and just so funny! Her Yorkshire accent just made her personality.

The Music

The music was brilliant it just seemed to burst out on stage filling the theatre with awe and laughter. Some shows I have found that only the lead roles have good voices but honestly all the cast had amazing voices, they were an absolute pleasure to listen to and some points were even angelic.

It really is a must see modern musical. The perfect night out with the bestie or all the girls. It’s fun, fabulous, and not to be missed!

It’s performing at Hull New Theatre until this Saturday. Tickets start from £20.50 for adults and are on sale at hulltheatres.co.uk, in-person at the Hull New Theatre and City Hall box offices, or by phone on 01482 300 306