Why You Should See Footloose The Musical This Week



By Tori Jagger for What’s On Hub

One of the most iconic West End musicals of all time has arrived in our region this week. I had the opportunity to attend the opening night at Bridington Spa on Tuesday night. I loved it so much, that I decided to give you 3 reasons why you should go and see it this week…

The Music

When replicating one of history’s most iconic musicals, you could say it’s important to do the music itself some justice. Not only does this musical do it justice, it nails it almost to a T.

Despite my dad’s doubts because ‘they just can’t all be that good’, I am hugely impressed to learn that all of the actors play the instruments live. They accurately resemble the distinctive beats and infectious tunes of the famed West- End musical. Aside from the great music, the intricately thought-out set is one of the highlights for me personally and the insanely versatile set superbly showcases the mood and scene changes throughout the evening.

The Cast

As for the cast themselves, I am dazzled by their ability to maintain American accents, play instruments, dance and sing. The musical features a flurry of duets, monologues and amiable characters that fit the bill well. Specifically, the character of Willard, played by Gareth Gates receives brilliant reception and a bundle of laughs from the crowd. The scene in which Gates’ shirt is ripped off gets an exceptionally welcoming reception!

The cast are truly convincing- the disagreements, heart-to-hearts and quick wit between friends are all uniformly authentic. It bows from times of tension, excitement, anger and joy flawlessly. Whimsical puns and jokes are commonplace here, between the laughter and the tension.

It’s a show for everyone!

All in all, I loved my evening at Bridlington Spa and would strongly recommend anyone who likes a laugh, song or dance to go along.

I found it to be great for different ages, since my dad (a forty-something man) and I (a teenage girl) were both left in hysterics. The music is authentically addictive and I am still humming Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I Need a Hero’- to my dad’s dismay.

Footloose runs until Saturday 14th October and tickets are still available at bridspa.com