Lovedale Harrison on why you should see Sister Act Live Choir in Hull this week



We never forget those moments when we fall in love with a musical. In 1992, Sister Act became loved all over the world, and although we’ve had live stage productions of the musical take place in Hull before, we’ve never had what we’re about to witness in Hull this weekend.

A special ‘Live Cinema’ experience of Sister Act is being shown and performed at Hull City Hall on Saturday (2:30pm & 7:30pm). If you’re not sure what “Live Cinema” is, it’s a trend taking place around the UK right now where an original film is shown on a big screen but accompanied by live music.

In this particular production, Sister Act is accompanied by the brilliant 25-piece Uplifted Voices Choir (who featured on The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent) singing all those famous pieces live along to the film. “Why?” you might wonder… well here’s our Q&A with Choir Director, Lovedale Harrison, who tells us why you should head to City Hall this Saturday and experience it for yourself.

Lovedale, what gave you the idea to put the show together in the first place?
Amacoast Cinema came up with the idea. When the creative director, Kandi, shared her vision with me I was so excited, especially because Sister Act is one of my favourite movies. It’s a classic movie loved by many so I just had to get involved!

What makes the show so special and why should people come see the show rather than just put the film on at home?
The film in itself has a great cast, story-line, and message. But, the music is what really makes Sister Act so special. So, to be able to experience the songs live is extra special and to be able to sing along and dance with lots of other Sister Act fans makes for a great experience.

Which song is your personal favourite?
“I will follow him” I love everything about it. The lyrics, melody, harmonies… it has all the feels.

Why have you chosen to come to Hull this year?
Hull is a beautiful city with beautiful people that will have a great time at the Sister Act show. Hull is also 2017 city of culture therefore it felt right touring this show which brings together such a diverse audience to the city

Where else are you taking the show and which locations are you most looking forward to performing at?
The show is a touring a number of locations across the UK this year. I’m really excited to perform in Birmingham as the show is at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. To direct a choir in such a prestigious venue is an honour.

If you love the film, it sounds like the live cinema performance will be something to remember. There are very limited numbers of tickets left for both the 2:30pm and 7:30pm performances on Saturday but you can book online at Remember, if you’re a What’s On Hub Premium members, you can get 30% off tickets with our exclusive offer – click here for details.