3 Reasons to try this NEW Street Food Restaurant in Hull



The Avenues in Hull is a great place for night out. With plenty of bars and restaurants, there’s a great choice on offer.

At the bottom end of Princes Avenue, is a brilliant new restaurant called STREET, it used to be Aunt Bibby’s Smokehouse which served American grub like burgers, hot dogs, ribs, corn dogs…you get the jist! I actually really liked the old menu but I have to say, unlike my meat lovin’ hubby, Dave, I had a limit to how many times I could go back there for a big fat burger.

So when I saw they had a new menu that not only accommodated Dave’s need for the beef, I could take my pick of Oriental, English, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and even South African dishes!

Now when I first hear that a restaurant is offering so many cuisines, I feel slightly dubious that they would be able to get all the flavours and tastes bang on, but when I saw photos of their dishes on STREET Facebook page, I was excited hooked!

The hubby and I were lucky enough to be invited for lunch on Friday and I’m delighted to tell you all about it. Here are my reasons why you need to try it for yourselves…

1. The Food

Before we went, we were both unanimous in wanting to taste/devour the Chicken Street Kebab. There’s a great choice on the menu and we were keen to see what else they had to offer so we opted to try whatever they wanted to give us. We LOVED every dish. Here are each of the dishes giving you a low down on their deliciousness in their own right…

The STREET Kebab

The one we were both waiting for… This had marinated pieces of chicken grilled and stuffed inside a large flat bread, on a bed of coleslaw & salad.

This actually came with a large helping of homemade chunky chips that were to die for, with a pot of Chilli sauce for dipping. The Kebab had a sprinkle of Coriander and Pomegranate seeds too which really made it pop and sealed the deal for me!

Bunny Chow

This is a South African dish that was on the Specials board but could well land a promotion to the main menu.

It’s half of a loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with an African-style Chicken Curry. It’s served with the meat of the week, so sometimes it might not be chicken but you can also opt for vegetable curry too if you want to. This dish came with a side pot of fluffy spicy rice, again sprinkled with coriander and Pomegranate seeds.

The flavour was incredible, I’ve genuinely never eaten anything like it before and I really enjoyed it! The Chef mentioned they had someone in who had recently come back from South Africa and say how amazing her version of Bunny Chow was and loved how it tasted exactly like it did in South Africa. So if there are some South Africans out there reading this….you can now get your Bunny Chow fix here!

Tempura Fish

This is a refreshingly different take on fish & chips, which had a Japanese-inspired twist. We had tempura battered haddock with sweet potato chips and a side of Wasabi tartare sauce. Absolutely gorgeous!

Unlike most battered fish from a chippy, the tempura batter was really light and thin but we still got a nice, strong flavour from the batter. It made it easy on the pallet, and inside the tempura coating, the haddock was plump and cooked to perfection.

Prawn Noodle Bowl


I think you’ll agree that the photo speaks for itself. It was packed with flavour and full of crisp veggies, oriental spices, noodles and… well it just oozed with yumminess!

The Noodle bowl comes with a sauce of your choice; Fiery Chilli, Thai or Satay with an option of Prawn, Chicken or keeping it veggie. This for me was a bowl of Heaven, I love Oriental food, especially Japanese; it just warms the soul and seems to be packed full of colour and flavour. This dish didn’t disappoint.

Both the Street Kebab and the Noodle bowl are still fighting each other to be crowned my fave dish so I’ll just have to settle for both.

Now a letter to the burger lovers out there (AKA Dave!) …

Now I don’t want you thinking “all this fancy food, I just want a good burger!” because guess what? The Bibby’s burgers are still on the menu! Better still, you can create and customize your ultimate burger. I think this is a great idea and I got the impression that the Chef is easy going when it comes to your perfect burger requests. I love this as sometimes it can feel a bit awkward asking for variations/substitutes/an extra ‘this and that’ so a ‘create your own burger’ option will definitely be a winner.

2. The Portions

For those of you who love a good filling when you dine out, I’m delighted to report (and you can probably see from the photos yourselves) that they serve all of the dishes in rather large portions..

Dave likes his food and pretty much expects big portions when we eat out, but even he thought these were big so don’t worry about leaving hungry.

3. The Prices

It’s great to see that the old pricing structure hasn’t gone out of the window. I think all the dishes on the menu are pretty reasonably priced, especially for the quality you’re getting.

Individual starters are all £5 or £6 while sharing Nachos are £8 and sharing meatballs £12. There’s a nice pick ‘n’ mix option too where you can choose any 3 starters and 2 sides for £20 – quite a good option if you’re out for a light bite with friends.

Noodle Bowls are £7.50 – £9.50 depending on which option you want, and Mains range from £7 up to £15 (which is the steak!) Build your own burger starts at just £8.50. Sides are all just £3.50 each.

What’s more, if you’re a Premium member of What’s On Hub, we have a 25% discount now available for you which you can use every Sunday – Thursday.

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This new Street Food menu was created by STREET’s Head Chef, Zoe. Zoe loved the idea of creating a new menu at the restaurant that encompassed a variety of dishes and flavours.

I was really impressed to hear that she’d had lots of experience cooking with different cuisines and has spent a lot of time learning overseas. So thank you Chef Zoe for bringing the world’s STREET food to ‘Ull! I’ve no doubt this is going to be a huge success and we will be back for more!

See STREET’s Hub Page for map and contact details