Why you should see THE WORST WITCH in Hull this week



I had a fantastic fun and magical evening at Hull New Theatre last night watching an adaptation of Jill Murphy’s hit story “The Worst Witch”. It was a lively mixed audience of children and adults and my youngest had nattered to go and see this show. I should add he is 26.

As the audience got seated, the cast came around chatting to everyone before the show started. The younger audience members were thrilled.

Last night’s story was all about a group of young witches to be going to start Witching school at Miss Cackles Academy. Young Mildred Hubble who is a bit scatty joins them by mistake and is transported to the Academy with the other girls. We quickly work out who is the class snob/bully in Ethel who was superbly played by Rosie Abraham. She was perfect in this role, with clear diction and mannerisms. She impressed from the start. Ethel wants rid of Mildred and does all she can to make things difficult for Mildred.

Mildred, played by Danielle Bird, was brilliant! She tripped all over the stage, danced completely out of step and quickly learned how to make potions.

Mildred is bessie mates with Maud played by Rebecca Killick. At one point, the two girls are supposed to be giving a display of broomstick flying. Of course it went totally wrong and left the audience in awe at their antics on the broomsticks suspended in the air. They balanced, they span around, they hung upside down and every second you had to hold your breath worried they would fall. They were truly impressive.

Miss Cackle and her twin sister were played by Polly Lister. At one point she was simultaneously playing both characters, switching voices and mannerisms that left us dizzy. She was so talented.

In fact the whole cast is immensely talented. They sang and danced and entertained us constantly all evening.

As with children’s shows there was an element of audience participation. This was fun, almost like panto. The audience were all joining in and enjoying themselves.

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I am not revealing the entire plot but I can say that if you go along, join in the fun, let the kids dress up as witches and enjoy a great evening of magical entertainment. If you read the books or saw the TV programme, you will love this show. It’s fun, fast and fabulous and The worst witch of course proves that she is not so terrible after all.

The Worst Witch is showing at Hull New Theatre until this Saturday (16th Feb) and tickets are available from just £15 and hulltheatres.co.uk