Why you should see The Producers in Hull this week




By Amanda Ward
Theatre Reviewer for What’s On Hub

Why should you go and see “The Producers” at Hull New Theatre? Well, for a cracking good laugh for a start. I was lucky to be in the audience last night for the opening night performance of that Mel Brooks classic, no not ‘Blazing Saddles’ but ‘The Producers‘.

The basic plot is producer of Broadway musicals learns that he’ll make more money from a flop than a hit and sets out to find the worst show in town, played by the worst actors and directed by the worst director.

The result is a colourful, hilarious and non PC breath of fresh air. In a world so tied down by political correctness, this show allows you to laugh at bawdy jokes, and giggle at the portrayal of Hitler, who you know would have been totally insulted by the caricature.

This week’s run at Hull New Theatre has been produced and being performed by Hessle Theatre Company who are a local community theatre group. But definitely don’t let that put you off. They have a wealth of talent worthy of a City which has produced such superb actors and singers in the past.

Neal Edlin plays “producer” Max Bialystock

The show was lead by Neal Edlin playing the part of Max Bialystock. He kept the humour and the show going with his super portrayal of a Broadway Producer. He was supported by Joe Porte in the role of Leo Bloom the wannabe producer. Joe had a super singing voice and his acting kept the audience enthralled when he was on stage.

The blonde sexy comedy siren Ulla, was brilliantly played by Sarah Brodie. A superb singer and dancer. Her characterisation of the tall, blonde sexy Swedish actress was on point and a joy to watch.

Sarah Brodie plays Ulla

The lead actors were supported by a cast of dancers and singers who all looked to be having so much fun with this production. Their show within a show and that brilliant song “Springtime for Hitler” was slickly choreographed and hilarious to watch. The audience were cheering and clapping along, having just as much fun as the cast.

If you are easily offended then don’t go and see this show. You WILL be offended and that is what was so brilliant about ‘The Producers‘ . It’s good old fashioned, bawdy, slapstick and parody which will leave you on a high and humming “Springtime for Hitler..” all the way home.

There are tickets still available for the bargain price of £10 (+ booking fees), so it’s a great opportunity to get to the theatre and see an award winning musical. You can book online at hulltheatres.co.uk, or by phone on 01482 300 306 or drop into the New Theatre or City Hall box offices.