THRILLER LIVE Review from Hull New Theatre



The longest running Michael Jackson tribute show arrived in Hull last night. Thriller Live has been running in London’s west end for over 10 years but is back on tour and performed the opening night at Hull New Theatre on Tuesday.

Laura and I are big Michael Jackson fans and always thought about going to see this in London but could never make the trip. It last came to Hull in 2015, but I missed the opportunity back then too, so I’ve been very excited to see it since it was announced last year.

The show was a dedicated tribute to Michael Jackson’s huge legacy of songs, covering all his albums from the days of the Jackson 5 to his later solo hits from the 80s and 90s.

The show was absolutely spectacular and the perfect tribute to the King of Pop himself. Before the show, I expected it to be more like a typical tribute act where one person would do their best to impersonate the star, but it wasn’t like that at all and I was glad.

We were given a team of superb dancers and 4 brilliant vocalists who delivered their own versions of his songs. Rather than pretend to be him, they just performed his hits in their own way and they really delivered a spectacular set.

The opening few songs and introductions got us all in the mood for a bit of participation. Two of the vocalists, Britt and Trace had us on our feet joining in with the songs, and by the end it was more like a concert than a musical at the theatre.

Although the first half of the show was brilliant and really enjoyable, it was the second half that will live in my memory for a long time. It was just sensational with the cast delivering the hits I remember as a kid.

The four vocalists – Letitia Hector, Trace Kennedy, Rory Taylor and Britt Quentin – were excellent. But it was the dancing from Danyul Fullard who performed Michael’s role in Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean which really blew me away. His performance was just like Michael Jackson in his prime, and it was an absolute joy to watch.

If you’ve been thinking about going to see this for a while, take the opportunity now while it’s in Hull. Tickets are good value in comparison to the price you’ll pay in London and the quality of the show is nothing less. If you’re a fan of MJ’s music, you’ll absolutely love it and will no doubt be just like us, and wanting to see it again.

Right now, tickets are still available from just £15 at but are very limited.