5 Reasons to Try New Menu at Whistling Goose



By Dave Bushnell

A whopping 48oz steak is now on the menu in Hull as Flaming Grill bring in a new menu with fresh new indulging challenges.

Last week, we headed over to the Whistling Goose as they cooked off a load of samples and we were there to give it a try.

Flaming great steaks!

Ok sorry, couldn’t resist the cheesy pun there, but I do genuinely love the food here. We dine here regularly so when the news of the new menu broke, I quickly invited myself to take part in their preview night (never one to miss an opportunity!).

My pick of the night has to be the 48oz Hunter’s Pizza Steak. As much as I’d like to say I took on the challenge and beat it; it was just a sample (this time!) but the piece I had was thick, juicy and so so tasty! The flavours combined well with the BBQ marinade, melted cheese, bacon and onions. Seriously, it’s a really great steak, trust me!

There’s a huge choice on the menu

Fajitas are back on the menu! With them you get the choice of chicken, salmon or steak served with fried onions and peppers and a hot skillet. You get salad, salsa and sour cream with a fajita wrap too. A great option if you fancy something a little more balanced.

The Sports Platter is a great sharer, particularly if you’re watching the footy or rugby with some mates. It has a pot full of chips, topped with bacon popcorn and smothered in nacho cheese sauce. Very tasty. It comes with garlic ciabatta, iceberg lettuce topped with coleslaw and pulled pork in BBQ sauce. You get dips of sour cream and JD’s BBQ sauce.

Another great platter to share (even though it’s challenge!) is the new ‘Pub on a Platter’ which is a combo of a full rack of BBQ pork ribs, chicken wings, onion rings and an XL Cheese & Bacon Burger.

We also had a share of the 1KG Nachos Challenge – a full tray of crunchy nachos with salsa, sour cream and nacho cheese sauce! There was 2KG tray of BBQ Chicken wings. We didn’t dare try the Tabasco sauce which accompanies the challenge dish so we just enjoyed what were really tender chicken wings and tasty BBQ sauce.

One of the strangest-looking of the new dishes served on the night was the Campfire Combo which is a bit like a mini-mixed-grill. It was an 8oz rump steak, served with fried onions, mushrooms and grilled tomato, but the strange part is the chicken bites it came with which were charcoal coloured. Tasted great but it’s a strange sensation expecting to bite into something burnt and then it’s not. Obviously that’s a good thing.

The Half-Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs is my bargain of the new menu though. At just £7.79, you get a half rack served with seasoned fries, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a side salad.

After the huge amount of dishes, they also brought out a range of the new desserts including the enormous Brain Freeze Challenge which had 14 scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and a full piece of chocolate fudge cake. All topped with cream, pieces of brownie, cadbury crunchie pieces, crispy wafers and chocolate sauce. Once again, it’s part of the Challenges so if you think you can take it on all by yourself, go ahead.


First to beat challenges gets ’em free!

On the night, manager Carl also said they’re offering the first people to beat the challenges will not only get on the wall, but also get their meal free! As if you didn’t need any more incentive, hey?

It’s family friendly

One of the reasons we head to the Whistling Goose quite often is because it’s really family friendly. They have a huge car park making it easy to get the kids out of the car. There’s also a kids play area outside in the beer garden which once again, is huge. Perfect during the summer as you can eat outside too! The kids get to go play while you’re waiting for your order.

Prices and Exclusive Offer

Another reason we eat here is because prices are really pretty good too. There are plenty of dishes around the £6 mark and steaks range from £8 – £14 depending on the type and size. The Apocalypse Cow Burger Challenge is just £9.99. The 48oz Ultimate Hunters Pizza Steak is £24.99 but there’s a 24oz version for just £16.49.

But we’ve now got a 20% discount offer for What’s On Hub Premium members. It’s a good discount to start – as it includes food and drinks – but what’s great about this offer is that you can combine it with their existing offers too! For example, Mondays – Fridays they do 2 mains for £9.99, on Thursdays they do 2-for-1 burgers. On Fridays they offer a free beer when you buy any steak. With all these, you can still get 20% discount! Full offer details are here.