Who is Tom Gates and why you should go see him live on stage?



‘Can you go to New Theatre and review Tom Gates?’ read the message from my editor. ‘Yes of course’ I replied. Then sat there and wondered ‘what on earth is Tom Gates?’.

You see, my kids are all grown up and it turns out Tom Gates is a series of popular doodle books aimed at pre-teens. So, off I went to Hull New Theatre last night with two of my favourite little people who were by then very excited at seeing Tom Gates on stage.

I didn’t know what to expect at all. I got sat down amongst lots of other excited kids, and bemused adults, and was actually treated to a brilliant show. It had slapstick, comedy, jokes for kids and adults, and I had a great night.

Tom Gates is that amusing class clown with a talent for drawing, playing in a band with his mates and for being the one who is always in trouble.

The cast were brilliant. Some playing multiple parts which the kids didn’t notice, and kept the audience entertained all evening with brilliant timing and interaction with the scenery.

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I was impressed by the scenery graphics. To move a scene from room to room, a screen had the scene projected onto it. As they changed, the projected scene split and rolled up and down in a number of parts. The screen itself had cleverly placed doors and windows which opened and proved mesmerising for the adults. There were also lots of pop graphics which book readers would be familiar with and it all worked really well.

I may be getting down with the kids now as I could easily watch this show again. It was so entertaining.

Starting at 7pm and running for two hours in total it was just perfect for a midweek treat for the kids. I asked Hailey and Reagan which were their favourite parts. Hailey loved it all, Reagan loved the chip song most and is probably now still annoying his parents with the chip song.

Go and see this happy production this week. It’s so good and the kids will love you especially if you take them along too!