Why you should see The Comedy About A Bank Robbery



I had this production on my ‘to see’ list for the West End so was thrilled to see it tour, and even better to pay a visit to Hull New Theatre this week. So off I went to the opening night and I had a fantastic evening. This is why I think you should go along and see this production.

The play is about a bank robbery, which as the title suggests, goes wrong. This was a very entertaining evening of slapstick humour at its finest. From the moment the play commenced, the audience were belly laughing at the fast paced gags being played out on stage.

The play opens in a prison cell where Mitch Ruscitti is planning his escape and subsequent robbery of a half million dollar diamond from the bank, aided in his escape by the prison warder. The speed of delivery in this scene was phenomenal. It was fast, funny and entertaining in the best tradition of slapstick humour.
I am not going to go into the entire plot other than a bank robbery is planned. The scenes are set at the bank, at Caprice’s (Ruscitti’s girlfriend) apartment, and on the roads of the city (all with scenery cleverly and strongly moved by the cast).
At times characters reminded me of Frank Spencer; especially when Sam Monaghan (Sean Carey) was hiding in a cupboard in Caprice’s flat when her boyfriend returned from prison. The comic timing was perfect when he somersaulted over the curtain rail, almost landing on Ruscitti. He had us all belly laughing all night. I was also reminded of that great Two Ronnies sketch about Fork Handles when they were talking about the bank manager, Robin Freeboys (played by understudy Eddy Westbury), and robbing three boys in the bank.
One particular impressive scene was in the second half when Freeboys is in his office with Warren Slax, his 67 year old ‘intern’. This was a multi-dimensional scene and at first I thought this was one of those scenes reflected in a mirror so that the audience could see. I quickly realised and gasped when I worked out that the characters were suspended half way up the slanted scenery with ropes and were traversing the office furniture with jaw dropping skill. When Warren was pouring coffee and trying to get documents out of a filing cabinet it was hysterical watching the water cascade and documents fall to the floor (ceiling). This scene has to be seen to be appreciated and must have been such good fun to play.
I was particularly impressed by Jon Trenchard playing Warren Slax in this production. He is a comedy genius, short, multi talented and has perfect timing (not to mention a very thick skull).
This is a cast of nine plus understudies and I have to say despite Trenchard standing out for me, everyone else played multiple parts in the play with such skill. They are a very talented bunch and I ached after watching them all evening. It has a surprise ending and is thoroughly enjoyable.
This play runs at Hull New Theatre this week and if I had to give it a star rating, it would be 5 stars. It’s great comedy theatre, brilliant farce and non stop laughter all the way through. The writers have ensured and the actors delivered a fast paced farce which is not to be missed. Go and see it, you will not be disappointed.